'Fortnite' Hidden Battle Star: How to Solve the Week 4 Road Trip Challenge

Look for the camel. 

When Fortnite: Battle Royale players complete all seven of the Weekly Challenges in a given week, they still have one challenge left: The Road Trip Challenge. The loading screen hinting to the location of the hidden Battle Star location for Week 4 came out last week, but with Week 4 Challenges now live, the actual location of the start can be confirmed.

The Week 4 Road Trip Challenge loading screen found by data miners last week shows a pool scene with a small star in the background. Along with the Battle Star is a camel drinking from a cup with a straw. That along with the desert background gives a hint on where the star will be.

Location of the Drink Camel for the Week 4 Road Trip Challenge


To the east of Lucky Landing, where the desert of Paradise Palms starts, is a road that will pass a statue of a camel drinking from a cup with a straw. If a player completed all seven Weekly Challenges then a hidden Battle Star will appear on the hump of the camel once they get in close proximity to it.

With this being Week 4 of Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5, there are only three more Road Trip Challenges left. The reward for completing these challenges has yet to be discovered by data miners. Also, unlike the Season 4 Blockbuster Challenges, there does not appear to be a connection with the Road Trip Challenges and the Season 5 storyline.

Fortnite: Battle Royale players who complete this week’s Road Trip Challenge are one step closer to a certain prize coming at Week 7. Whether it will be worth the effort is another question to answer altogether.

The Week 4 Weekly Challenges went live Thursday morning. One task requires the use of a shopping cart or ATK in order to jump through flaming hoops found across the island to make for an extreme highlight clip.

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