'Dead or Alive 6' Characters: Diego from New York Debuts and Rig Returns

Also, Rig is back!

The world of KOEI TECMO’s Dead or Alive just got bigger. A new character trailer for Dead or Alive 6 features the return of taekwondo master and oil worker Rig, and the debut of someone totally new: Diego, a tough-as-nails, undisciplined street fighter from the streets of New York City.

On Thursday, KOEI TECMO unleashed a new trailer featuring Rig and Diego fighting against each other. While Rig and his deadly, kick-based fighting style are back in full force, Diego is a fighter that the Dead or Alive franchise has truly never seen before.

Unlike the kung fu masters, assassins, and ninjas that populate the series, Diego is a no-nonsense scrapper who isn’t afraid to get dirty. He favors boxing-style right hooks and shoulder rams. His fighting style, if you can even call it that, focuses on efficiency over flash, unlike the majority of DOA fighters.

In its more recent entries, the popular fighting game series has featured realistic fighters like the MMA-based Mila and Rig, both of whom debuted in 2012’s Dead or Alive 5. But many of the classics will return in Dead or Alive 6, like ninjas Ryu Hayabusa, Hayate, and Kasumi, not to mention Jeet Kune Do master Jann Lee and the braggadocios Zack.

Diego, the newest character coming to 'Dead or Alive 6.'

Koei Tecmo

Speaking of which, the return of Rig spells big things for Dead or Alive 6. At the end of the story mode in Dead or Alive 5, it was revealed that Rig is the son of Dead or Alive villain Victor Donovan, the elusive billionaire behind the tournament who has yet to reveal himself in the nearly two-decade old series.

Although the new trailer with Rig in Dead or Alive 6 doesn’t explore his story, his mere presence signals that the biggest twist in the series’ history isn’t being forgotten.

Dead or Alive 6 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam in early 2019.

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