'Pokémon GO': Every Upcoming Community Event Happening in August

Summer is almost over.

Niantic, The Pokemon Company

With Safari Zone Dortmund and Pokémon GO Fest 2018 in our tail lights, the Pokémon GO 2018 Summer Tour is nearly over. The tour will draw to a close with another Safari Zone at Yokosuka, but two additional events before and after that should keep you busy until the next event arc.

The August Community Day Features Eevee

There’s another Community Day coming and this time the featured Pokémon is Eevee.

From August 11-12, Eevee will be spawning in much higher numbers than usual from 2 to 5 p.m. Eastern. If you catch an Eevee during this window, you’ll be rewarded with an exclusive move that can’t be obtained any time else. It also means this is your best shot at getting a Shiny Eevee because of the increased appearance rate.

As with all Community Day events, Niantic is offering multiple bonuses to encourage participation. Lures will last for three hours and capturing Pokémon will award a triple portion of Stardust.

Now that I think about it, Eevee kind of looks like a five year old with a beard.

The Pokémon Company International

Unfortunately, there’s still no word on capturing an Eevee with a striking hairdo. Sorry.

The Pokémon GO 2018 Summer Tour Ends With Safari Zone at Yokosuka

The Safari Zone at Yokosuka will be the final leg of the Pokémon GO 2018 Summer Tour and it will take place in Yokosuka, Japan. Although this event has specific events for locals, the benefits are global. Wingull, for example, will be appearing more often worldwide.

But players in Japan will also be receiving an influx of Pokémon not typically seen in Japan such as Tropius and Unown, along with increased spawns of Feebas and Torchic.

Niantic, The Pokemon Company

Safari Zone Yokosuka will run from August 29 to September 2. There’s an application put up by the city to attend the special Pokémon GO events which will be across three parks (Mikasa, Verny, and Kurihama), but unfortunately, registration is currently closed. If you’re one of the lucky people that got in, note that you can only participate for one day. Niantic says this is so all registered trainers will get a chance to enjoy the week’s festivities.

Furthermore, Safari Zone Yokosuka will also coincide with Professor Willow’s Global Challenge which takes place from September 1 to 2. The Global Challenge will have unlockable bonuses that have yet to be announced.

Viva CalleSJ Will Take Place in San Jose

The city of San Jose is hosting Viva CalleSJ, a free event that will temporarily close traffic on six miles of road to “bring communities together to walk, bike, skate, play, and explore the city”.

A map of the upcoming Viva CalleSJ event.

City of San Jose

VivaCalleSJ takes place on September 23 (Sunday) from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pacific. Pokémon GO activities will be held at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds and Martial Cottle Park, with PokéStops and Gyms established along the route. The PokéStops will also have Lure Modules during the event.

Public transportation is strongly advised since parking will be difficult. Although biking and skating is the main draw of the event, you are also invited to walk, and children under the age of 18 must wear helmets.

Next On The Horizon

Safari Zone Yokosuka, Eevee Community Day, and Viva CalleSJ may be the only events listed on the calendar, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there are no surprises in store. A recent leak suggests that the highly anticipated Gen 4 update may just be around the corner.

For those of you in the Azores, Articuno and Zapdos will appear from August 3 at 4 p.m. to August 10 at 4 p.m.

With all these events, you should have a pretty wicked tan by the time the fall events roll around, and hopefully some awesome new Pokémon too.