'Pokémon GO' Reddit Leaker Claims Gen 4 "Evolution Event" Is Coming Soon

They have a pretty good track record, too.

Niantic, The Pokemon Company

Pokémon GO developer Niantic has done an admirable job of keeping the game fresh through a steady stream of new content, but a possible leak on Reddit suggests that one of the biggest updates in Pokémon GO history could be just around the corner.

The highly anticipated Gen 4 update could be coming in the second week of August, according to a player on the Pokémon GO subreddit. The redditor, who goes by the username HiddenLeaker, said that an upcoming event called the “Evolution Event” will arrive with a bunch of new Pokémon and bonuses, such as:

  • Gen 4 evolution forms for Pokémon already in the game, specifically Magmortar, Electivire, and Rhyperior.
  • New evolution items such as elemental stones.
  • Double experience for evolving and spinning PokéStops.
  • Pokémon max storage increased to 2000.
  • Increased rate of evolution items from PokéStops and new quests that reward evolution items.
  • New raids with previous evolution item Pokémon.

You can check out all the possible leaks here.

How reliable is all this information? Well, HiddenLeaker posted another leak last year on the 2017 Water Festival which turned out to be true. HiddenLeaker claims to get this information from a source within their local Pokémon GO group, which thus far has predicted events with startling accuracy. In light of that, we’re inclined to believe this poster is reliable — within reason, of course. This possible leak is also in line with previous rumors about PokéStops.

Also, celebrating Pokémon GO’s second anniversary with a massive update like Gen 4 would be a sound business strategy. Niantic hinted as much on July 12, when it tweeted out an illustration celebrating the game’s two-year anniversary with several Gen 4 Pokémon that have yet to be added in Pokémon GO.

Theoretically, this would add a whopping 107 new Pokémon to the game. That’s a whole lot of Pokémon to catch and trade.

Summer may be drawing to a close, but if this leak turns out to be true, then don’t expect to hang up your walking shoes anytime soon.