'Pokémon Go' Lucky Pokémon: What Are They and How Do You Get Them?

Hope you made lots of friends.

Pokémon GO has always been a community-oriented game about exploring the outside world. Niantic has been supporting interaction between fans through sponsored events, but a new change to the game itself is encouraging everyone to get a little bit closer.

An upcoming update will implement Lucky Pokémon, a new variant of Pokémon that can only be obtained through trading. Lucky Pokémon require less Stardust to power up which also means they can get a higher CP than their mundane cousins. You’ll be able to keep track of your Lucky Pokémon through the Pokédex.

If you want to snag a Lucky Pokémon, then start making some friends, because the only way you can get one is through trading. It seems that any Pokémon has the potential to transform into a Lucky Pokémon once it’s traded, according to an official blog post from Niantic. The likelihood is determined by time — the longer a Pokémon stays in storage, the greater chance it will have to become Lucky once it’s traded.

However, Niantic also hinted that it might be possible to get a Lucky Pokémon without trading. This method may involve keeping a Pokémon in storage until it eventually transforms into a Lucky. Details about this are still pending.

Niantic, The Pokemon Company

The Lucky Pokémon update is also coming along with some new buffs to gifts. In a mutually beneficial arrangement, gifts will reward the giver with experience points and the recipient with a chance of receiving Stardust.

Hopefully, you didn’t spend too much of that recent candy bonus during Pokémon GO Fest 2018 and Zapdos Day. Lucky Pokémon aren’t available yet — Niantic is waiting until the update has been rolled out to all players — but saving some candy up in preparation would be a wise move.