Fly Explosives 'Fortnite': Epic Hints at New Limited Time Mode Update

Time to earn those wings. 

Last week, Fortnite: Battle Royale data miners scoured through the newest files for the game to find something new. Along with skins and weapons, they discovered details of three new Limited Time Modes for the game, and Epic might have confirmed one of them.

In a thread on the Fortnite: Battle Royale subreddit last week, one player pointed out the lack of Limited Time Modes for the game in recent weeks. One Epic representative wrote, “We’ll have something new flying your way next week.” The key word is “flying” as that relates to a new mode the data miners found.

'Fortnite' Fly Explosive LTM


Called Fly Explosives, the mode discovered by the miners combines a mode used in previous seasons known as High Explosives and the Jetpack released for a short amount of time in Season 4. In this new mode, players will only have access to explosive weapons such as the Rocket Launchers, C4, Grenade Launchers, Grenades, and most likely, the recently rebalanced Guided Missile that will be available starting Tuesday. The “Fly” in the mode’s name comes from the use of Jetpacks, which let players fly across the island, but can be deadly if someone using the pack flies too high and runs out of gas.

Epic released the Jetpack back in May as part of a new set of items called Backpacks. This new type of equipment was an epic loot drop found on the item and provided a certain benefit to the player who obtained it. A second Backpack called the Eye of the Storm Tracker allowed players to know where the final location of the storm would be giving them a strategic advantage, but the item was quickly removed from the game.

Epic has yet to provide confirmation about the new mode, but with the next update going live on Tuesday, expect data miners to go through any added files to confirm the release of the Limited Time Mode.

The Guided Missile will be part of Tuesday’s update, and Epic said it will have improved “scouting utility” although it’s not clear what that will entail.

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