'Fortnite' Leaks:  Legendary Glider Laser Chomp, Archetype, and More

More content for 'Shark Week.'

Monday was a busy day for Fortnite data miners. Leakers were hard at work pulling new assets from the game’s data in hopes of being the first to show off their newly discovered content. From emotes, skins, and one particularly funky glider, there’s plenty for Fortnite players to look forward to.

Several data miners tweeted Monday about the new content they found in the Fortnite update. New items will be available for purchase at the in-game store sometime in the future, and there are several pieces that appear to pay tribute to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, which started this past Sunday.

Laser Chomp and Servo Gliders

Probably the most unique of the content found is the legendary glider, Laser Chomp. As part of the Chomp set, this new glider is the second legendary glider in the game, the first being the Royale Dragon. Expect to pay $20 for this item when it shows up at the in-game store. Servo is an epic glider part of the Archetype and will likely release at the same time as the skin.

Archetypes, Scuba Diving, Sun Tanning Skins

TwoEpicBuddies, who regularly tweets new content, posted six new skins and their respective sets on Monday. Three have a definite summer and ocean vibe with Reef Ranger and Wreck Raider wearing scuba gear while Sun Tan Specialist is a beach lifeguard with the typical sunblock on the nose. Maverick and Shade are two other skins that don’t have any discerning look to them. Archetype is a futuristic skin, which may have a tie-in with the Fortnite: Battle Royale storyline as it looks similar to the previous Visitor Blockbuster skin.

Wagging and Dancing Emotes

There’s nothing like a fresh emote to make an eliminated opponent feel even worse. Data miner FNLeak found four new gestures coming soon to Fortnite. Of the emotes basketball fans will recognize is the “Finger Wag”, as it’s the same taunt NBA Hall of Fame player Dikembe Mutombo did whenever he rejected an opponent’s shot. Other emotes found include “Living Large,” “Intensity,” and “Hand Signals.”

As the case with all the leaked content, when they release will vary with some possibly being unlocked content. Fortnite players will have to keep an eye out on the game’s store if they want to purchase them.

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