'Teen Titans Go!' Movie's Post-Credits Scene Is Huge News for Original Fans

"We think we found a way back."

Warner Bros. 

The Teen Titans look like they’re coming back. No, not the extreme dark one where Robin says Batman can go ‘eff himself, and not the extra-silly Teen Titans Go! cartoon, but the first one. A shocking post-credits scene at the end of Teen Titans Go! to the Movies marks the return of the original cartoon Titans, the ones that many fans have wanted back ever since the series was canceled in 2006.

As the credits begin to roll, they’re suddenly interrupted by a bunch of interference. It’s the Teen Titans — not in their more simplified chibi-like Teen Titans Go! forms, but their original series appearances.

“Is it working?” Beast Boy asks.

“Hurry, there is not much time,” Starfire says, as the team struggles to broadcast a message.

“They need to know we’re still here,” Raven says.

“This is the Teen Titans. Can anyone hear us?” Robin says, as he points the camera at the whole team. “We think we may have found a way back.”

The Teen Titans Go! film, now in theaters, gloriously takes the piss out of the DC Universe, as it has the same cheeky, irreverent tone that has made the Cartoon Network TV series such a hit over the past 5 seasons. The show, which debuted in 2013, has similar designs as the earlier Teen Titans cartoon and features the same main voice actors playing the same characters. (Scott Menville as Robin, Hynden Walch as Starfire, Khary Payton as Cyborg, Tara Strong as Raven, and Greg Cipes as Beast Boy).

Go! is a terrific show, but some older fans of the original series can’t help but miss the first Teen Titans (and begrudge Go!), especially since the show was canceled before it felt like the whole story had been told.

In early June, almost two months before Teen Titans Go! to the Movies’ release, Raven voice actress Tara Strong tweeted that Warner Bros. and/or Cartoon Network was considering bringing back Teen Titans for a long-awaited sixth season that would run concurrently with the goofier Teen Titans Go!. A revival of the original Teen Titans hasn’t been explicitly confirmed or announced, though the post-credits scene (which was not shown at an early press screening the week prior) seems to indicate that it’s happening in some form.

The phrase “TO BE CONTINUED ON CARTOON NETWORK” appears afterwards, so, tune in on August 13. The next Go! episode is a follow-up to the movie anyway.

It’s unclear if Strong knew about this when she tweeted her June 1 tweet suggesting that Teen Titans could come back — much like fellow Cartoon Network DC series Young Justice did.

It’s funny — for a film that gleefully dunked on pretty much every single superhero trope, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies appears to have upheld the first rule of superheroes: Nobody ever stays dead (except Spider-Man’s uncle).

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is now in theaters. A revival of the original Teen Titans does not have a premiere date, as it has not been officially announced.

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