'Titans' DC Universe Trailer: Robin Drops F-Bombs and Kills Criminals

They may be called the Teen Titans, but these adolescent heroes are grittier than anything you’ve seen before. In the first trailer for DC’s Titans, Robin drops the F-bomb, Raven unleashes her inner demons, and Hawk and Dove kill a bunch of criminals. Comic books!

On Thursday, the first day of San Diego Comic-Con, DC unleashed the first trailer for Titans, one of the new original shows coming to the DC Universe streaming platform. Set in its own continuity separate from the DCEU, the trailer introduces Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), aka Robin, the disgruntled sidekick of Batman who seeks to become his own hero.

Robin is so intent on becoming his own hero, he even says “Fuck Batman” in front of a bunch of criminals. And then he kills them! Jeez, Dick is a real dick.

In the trailer, Dick meets other teenaged heroes, including Raven (Teagan Croft), Starfire (Anna Diop), and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), and together they form the iconic superhero group the Teen Titans. Along the way, they’ll also meet adult superheroes Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dove (Minka Kelly), who aren’t afraid to kill criminals in the name of justice.

With the amount of blood being shed and bodies hitting the floor, it’s kind of off-putting how dark and violent Titans is given the source material. The series better resembles movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice than it does the beloved animated Teen Titans television series that aired on Cartoon Network, which single-handedly introduced millennials to the property.

This is dark. Literally dark. I can't see anything.

Warner Bros. Entertainment

The trailer for Titans is the first full look at the original shows coming to DC Universe. Other shows include the long-awaited third season of Young Justice (another Teen Titans-related series), Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing from Aquaman director James Wan, and the animated series Harley Quinn.

Titans will premiere in 2018 when DC Universe launches in the fall.

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