'Young Justice' Season 3: 'Outsiders' Trailer Reveals New Hero Geo-Force

He could be a major player in Season 3.

Five years have passed since we’ve seen anything new from DC Comics’ beloved animated Young Justice series, but on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con, DC released a trailer for the upcoming third season, titled Young Justice: Outsiders. We’re introduced to several new characters, including a powerful new geokinetic meta-human who goes by Geo-Force.

Entertainment Weekly debuted the trailer online after the footage played during a special presentation at SDCC Friday morning, but it has since been released online by DC.

The trailer runs just over five minutes long, with the first half being a thorough recap of the Season 2, aka Young Justice: Invasion, during which the Reach attempted to take over Earth, culminating in Kid Flash having to sacrifice himself to save the world. Artemis and her relationship with Kid Flash are at the focus of both the recap and the new footage for Outsiders.

One new scene of note features the Prince of Markovia, Brion Markov (Troy Baker), as he discovers that he has the meta-human gene:

Brion Markov is the Prince of Markovia, but after his meta-human genes activates, he becomes Geo-Force in 'Young Justice: Outsiders'.

Warner Bros.

The main drama of Outsiders happens because there’s a bout of meta-human trafficking that happens in Markovia. Princess Tara is kidnapped, along with many others. Nightwing recruits Artemis and Superboy to help investigate, and they eventually join up with a several new faces — like Brion, who eventually goes by Geo-Force.

He doesn’t know it yet in the trailer, but Brion gains the ability to control gravity and Earth’s terrain (in the comics anyway), not unlike Quake over on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Neither his powers nor his costume are revealed clearly in the trailer, but he’s the one in green in the below poster that’s exclusive to SDCC:

'Young Justice: Outsiders' features familiar heroes and a few new faces.

Warner Bros.

Based on the above poster — and the scene at the very end of Season 2 — it looks like Vandal Savage and Darkseid will be the major antagonists in this new season. Nightwing and Superboy remain big players on the Young Justice Team as Artemis, suited up as Tigress again, seemingly leads the newcomers.

The bug-looking hero to Geo-Force’s left is Forager and the one to his right is called Halo. So far, little else is really known about the plot of Outsiders, but it looks like Geo-Force will be a major player in every sense of the word.

Young Justice: Outsiders will be made exclusive to the DC Universe streaming service sometime in 2019.

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