‘Fortnite’ Playground v2: Every New Feature Coming to Limited Time Mode

Time to make it a permanent mode. 

P layground Limited Time Mode was a hit when it came out early in July. It was such a success that Epic Games had to remove it because too many people wanted to play. It’s back in Fortnite and it has a few useful changes for those who don’t want to deal with 99 other players.

When Epic first made Playground LTM available to all Fortnite players, members of the team said they wanted to add some additional features to the mode allowing more freedom for those who want to spend their time on the island to create something big. The developer also wanted to add special options for those who want to use the mode to hone their skills. When Playground LTM went live on Wednesday, Epic added several of those suggested changes and plenty more.

Fortnite Insider made a list of the changes in the updated Playground LTM:

Players can now switch teams in-game. Join the same team to work together creatively, join separate teams to practice fighting each other!
Golf carts have been added and spawn 100% of the time.
Ammo cans spawn 10x the amount of ammo.
Removed grey vending machines, increased the chances of higher-tier machines spawning.
Increased launch & bounce pads spawn likelihood.
Lowered forced glider deploy height, so players can get back into the action more quickly.
Increased max rocket ammo cap to 60.
Increased rocket ammo drop rates.
Added 100 Supply Drops.
Chests now spawn 3 weapons and more ammo & consumables than normal.
Floor loot now spawns 3 items.
Increased Chug Jug and Slurp Juice spawn chances, decreased Bandages.
Added Chug Jugs to floor loot.

The big question Fortnite players have now is whether Playground will be a permanent mode instead of a limited time mode. Epic has yet to comment on how long the mode will stick around, but the consensus among the players appears to be that they want it around for a long time.

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