'Attack on Titan' Season 3, Episode 2 Clip Teases Levi's Return to Action


Captain Levi is pretty much the greatest badass in Attack on Titan, but he hasn’t seen any combat since injuring himself during the Female Titan arc when he saved Mikasa’s life. In the latest clip from Season 3’s second episode, titled “Pain,” Captain Levi has fully returned to action, and it’s just in time to face his childhood mentor, Kenny the Ripper.

Attack on Titan Season 3 premiered on Sunday, and the episode’s conclusion came with a teaser for Episode 2: “Pain.” Especially based on the final moment of Episode 1 when Kenny the Ripper and his squad take out Nifa and another scout, it looks like Levi’s going to fight Kenny first thing in Episode 2.

The teaser confirms that Eren and Historia do wind up captured, so it’s up to Captain Levi, Mikasa, and the others to launch a counter-offensive to rescue their friends. In the cryptic and metaphorical way Attack on Titan teasers always communicate, the trailer narration says, “In order to get them back, Levi and the others must take aim and shoot.”

How will they do this with minimal guns?


Even though Mikasa does have a gun in the teaser, “take aim and shoot” is probably a metaphor for executing a rushed plan to get them back. For sure, they cannot throw away their shot here or they risk losing both Eren and Historia forever.

These events don’t exactly line up with what happens in the “Pain” chapter from the Attack on Titan manga, but chances are high that the show will get to the same places by episode’s end.

For now, however, we can at least look forward to an explosive initial fight between Captain Levi and Kenny the Ripper that’ll probably kickstart a season-long conflict between the two men. And for any Attack on Titan fan, seeing Levi back in action is cause to be very, very excited.

Attack on Titan Season 3, Episode 2, “Pain” airs on July 29 in Japan and will hit streaming platforms in America shortly after around 2 p.m. Eastern.