'Pokémon Quest' Best Pokémon: 6 End-Game Choices and the Recipes to Cook

For the long haul, here are the best Pokémon to shoot for.

To become a Pokémon Master at Pokémon Quest, it’s going to take some serious dedication. While it’s relatively easygoing early in the game, the middle section can be a tough grind as players struggle to get the strongest Pokémon with the best moves to make it to the end-game.

In order to get there, players need to focus on assembling a balanced team. The current meta involves a close-range combatant that can buff the whole party with something like the Bulk Up move, another balanced close-range Pokémon with an offensive move, and then a long-range Pokémon with more offensive capabilities.

Obviously, the best Pokémon in the game are going to be Mew, Mewtwo, and the three Legendary Birds Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. But nobody can even hope to face them without first building up a party with other Pokémon.

So here are some of the most important Pokémon in the end-game, in the same order that a player should recruit them. In most cases, many different recipe variations can lure the same Pokémon, but we’ve provided only the best two for each.

Duh, obviously Charizard is still super awesome in 'Pokémon Quest'.

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6. Charizard

This one should come as no surprise. Since Charizard’s debut in the original Pokémon game as the fully-evolved form of Charmander, it’s been a favorite of trainers everywhere. Pokémon Quest is no different, where Charizard is a great close-range offensive fighter with base HP and Attack at 200 and 600. Anyone can select Charmander at the start of the game, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll get the best move. By the time it reaches level 36, it’ll become the mighty Charizard.

  • Best Move: Fire Punch

Here are the two best recipes for luring a Charmander:

  • Red Stew — 19.76 percent — 4 Big Root, 1 Big Root / Icy Rock / Honey / Balm Mushroom
  • Hot Pot — 80 percent — 2 Big Root, 3 Balm Mushroom

Venusaur makes for a great tank in 'Pokémon Quest'.

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5. Venusaur

The OG Grass starter might’ve been the least popular starter back in the day, but in Pokémon Quest, Bulbasaur is a solid choice first-thing. Once fully evolved into Venusaur at level 36, its base stats become 550 HP and 150 Attack, making it a great frontline tank that gets some decent Attack bonuses with Grass moves that gets some decent Attack bonuses with Grass moves.

  • Best Move — Vine Whip (Solar Beam is another option, but it has a longer recharge)

Here are the two best recipes:

  • Sludge Soup — 51.61 percent — 3 Balm Mushroom, 1 Tiny Mushroom, 1 Rainbow Matter
  • Veggie Smoothie — 80 percent — 3 Big Root, 1 Apricorn, 1 Rainbow Matter

Alakazam is a must-have for virtually any 'Pokémon Quest' player.

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4. Alakazam

Recruiting an Abra should be the number one priority for every player first thing in the game, especially because of how easy it is to make it happen. Getting one with a good move is much more challenging. Like every starter Pokémon in the game, Abra evolves into its final form at level 36. As Alakazam, it has a base of 700 Attack and only 100 HP, so it’s a good thing that it’s a ranged attacker.

  • Best Move: Psychic

Here’s the one and only recipe you really need to recruit an Abra:

  • Brain Food — 100 percent — 3 Bluk Berry, 2 Apricorn

Rhydon is a balanced combatant in 'Pokémon Quest' that edges towards Attack.

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3. Golem

Geodude is super-easy to get early on in the game, and while the pebbly Pokémon isn’t worth a whole lot in the beginning, if it comes with Dig it’ll be worth a lot in the end. Stats start out at 700 HP and 100 Attack, but as a ranged attacker, Golem can still do a lot of damage from afar.

  • Best Move: Dig

Here are the most efficient recipes:

  • Mud Pie — 33 percent chance — 3 Tiny Mushroom, 2 Fossil
  • Stone Soup — 50 percent chance — 3 Fossils, 2 Apricorn

2. Rhydon

  • Best Move — almost any

The best recipes are actually the same as those for Geodude, so anybody should be able to get both with relative ease (and maybe a Sandshrew too):

  • Mud Pie — 33 percent chance — 3 Tiny Mushroom, 2 Fossil
  • Stone Soup — 50 percent chance — 3 Fossils, 2 Apricorn

Dragonite will forever be a top-tier Pokémon wherever it appears, and it'll also be a pain to get.

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1. Dragonite

Just like in every other Pokémon game ever, Dragonite is a force to be reckoned with in Pokémon Quest — yet the biggest caveat is that Dratini won’t fully evolve into Dragonite until level 55. At that point, its base stats become 400 HP and 500 Attack, both of which are far higher than most other Pokémon. Dragonite is a frontline fighter that gets some seriously powerful moves, but it’s incredibly hard to convince it to learn Draco Meteor. Even if you can’t any Dragonite is a Pokémon worth putting into your party.

  • Best Move — Draco Meteor

The most efficient recipes for scoring a Dratini are this:

  • Mulligan Stew — 3.33 percent chance — Any 2 or less Normal & 3 or more Precious
  • Blue Soda — 4.03 percent chance — 4 or more Icy Rock
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