'Pokemon Quest' Best Pokemon: Get These 6 Pokemon Early in the Game

How to get a quick advantage early on.

Like with any Pokémon game, success in Pokémon Quest requires that the player focus on collecting the best Pokémon they can find and assembling them into a well-balanced squad of fighters. And whereas normal Pokémon games feature teams of six monsters, Pokémon Quest instead limits players to a tight squad of three where types matter much less.

So which Pokémon are best when players are first starting the game? Rest assured, it’s fairly different from the end-game when different Pokémon become more viable as they reach higher levels

If players want to be the very best like no one ever was in Pokémon Quest, then they’ll need to cook up something really good, literally. The entire system for “catching” Pokémon involves cooking different kinds of stews that cater to the various Pokémon types and colors. Generally speaking, most Pokémon that don’t evolve come with pretty great stats with totals averaging between 700 and 900, but these are usually short-term investments. That’s where these Pokémon come in.

So what are the best Pokémon to cook recipes for early on and exactly what ingredients do you need to attract them?

(Note: This list excludes any Pokémon that evolve. In many cases, if you can get all of the starting Pokémon and/or a Dratini early on and evolve them over time, then you’ll have some of the best Pokémon overall in the game.)

Farfetch'd, while immensely charming, is usually really terrible, but not in this game.

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6. Farfetch’d

Surprise, surprise. Especially in the anime, Farfetch’d is one of the funniest and most charming Pokémon, but his terrible stats don’t make him a viable in almost any Pokémon game.

Things are different in Pokémon Quest, where Farfetch’d gets balanced stats with a base attack and HP of 350. Farfetch’d is a close-range fighter with an interesting array of moves. The one I pulled came with Swords Dance, a buff that raises attack, and U-Turn, which is a strong Bug-type move that comes with a built-in dodge maneuver. With moves and stats like these, Farfetch’d becomes balanced fighter that can buff his teammates with a Sharing Stone while having a good amount of offensive power and durability.

Here are the two specific recipes that’ll give you the best chance at luring one in:

Light-as-Air Casserole — 72.6 percent chance — 2 Big Root, 3 Icy Rock
Plain Crepe — 29.2 percent chance — 3 Honey, 2 Balm Mushroom

Polygon comes with balanced stats and a good moveset.

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5. Porygon

Much like Farfetch’d, Porygon sports really well-balanced stats at a base of 350 to Attack and HP. Porygon also comes a variety of moves.

My own Polygon has only Shadow Ball, a Ghost-type projectile attack that functions like a slow-moving wall of death, so buffing it with a Wait Less, BroadBurst, and ScatterShot stones only magnify that. And because Porygon’s regular attack is ranged, mine mostly sits on the back lines peppering enemies with attacks. Shadow Ball, along with Hyper Beam, are the best moves for Porygon.

Here’s the best options for luring a Porygon:

Plain Crepe — 24.5 percent chance — 2 Bluk Berry, 2 Fossil, 1 Honey
Red Stew — 16.4 percent chance — 3 Tiny Mushroom, 1 Big Root, 1 Tiny Mushroom / Bluk Berry / Apricorn or Fossil

Onix is perhaps the single best Pokémon to pursue early on in 'Pokémon Quest'.

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4. Onix

Onix comes up on a lot of “best” lists for Pokémon Quest because it’s very easy to acquire and boasts huge defensive stats early on — but a poor moveset limits its usefulness as time passes. In terms of team composition, however, it’s ideal to have one offensive Pokémon, one that can buff everyone and use long-range attacks, and one defensive Pokémon. Onix remains one of the best high-defense Pokémon for a decent amount of time in Pokémon Quest, or at least until players discover something better.

In the ideal world, an Onix with Harden can boost its already considerable defense. Onix’s base HP is 600 with Attack starting at 100.

Because there’s a recipe out there with more than a 97 percent chance of recruiting an Onix, I won’t even bother giving you any other recipes. Here’s how to get Onix:

Stone Soup — 97.3 percent chance
1 Apricorn, 2 Fossil, 1 Apricon / Fossil, 1 Big Root / Icy Rock / Honey
1 Fossil, 1 Icy Rock, 1 Tiny Mushroom / Bluk Berry, 2 Apricon / Fossil
3 Apricon, 1 Fossil, 1 Icy Rock

Snorlax remains a great option for your team even in the end-game of 'Pokémon Quest'.

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3. Snorlax

Snorlax is always good in virtually any Pokémon game, assuming you like slow Pokémon with a huge amount of HP. He’s even one of the best in the end-game of Pokémon Quest. As such, Snorlax is also the most difficult Pokémon to obtain on this list. Snorlax’s HP starts at 650 with Attack at 150.

For moves, Mega Punch or even Earthquake is probably best, but most of Snorlax’s available moves are very good. That being said, even the best recipes still offer only a slim chance at getting Snorlax, which means it’ll probably take many attempts before a player reels one in. Here are the two best recipes:

Yellow Curry — 5.1 percent chance — 4 Honey, 1 Big Root / Icy Rock / Honey / Balm Mushroom
Plain Crepe — 1.1 percent chance
2 Bluk Berry, 1 Honey, 2 Balm Mushroom
1 Bluk Berry, 1 Fossil, 2 Honey, 1 Balm Mushroom
2 Fossil, 3 Honey

Scyther is an offensive powerhouse in 'Pokémon Quest'.

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2. Scyther

Whereas almost all of the other Pokémon on this list go for balance or defense, Scyther is an offensive powerhouse, especially if it comes with the Swords Dance buff move. Its base stats are 700 Attack and 100 HP and it’s a close-range Bug-Flying Pokémon. Some of its best moves include U-Turn, Lunge, or Aerial Ace.

If there’s one Pokémon to aim for ASAP in Pokémon Quest, it’s going to be a Scyther. They are immensely useful in the early game and are fairly easy to acquire compared to some other coveted Pokémon on this list. And, if Pokémon Quest ever introduces evolutions from Generation II or later, then it’s possible that we might see Scyther evolve into Scizor one day.

(Pinsir and Aerodactyl are each an alternative choice for an offensive fighter as they come with almost identical stats to Scyther, but Scyther is way cooler.)

Here are the two best recipes for luring a Scyther:

  • Light-as-Air Casserole — 19.3 percent chance — 2 Big Root, 3 Icy Rock
  • Honey Nectar — 16.2 percent chance — 1 Bluk Berry, 3 Honey, 1 Rainbow

With the right moves, Lapras becomes one of the best Pokémon in 'Pokémon Quest'.

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1. Lapras

Much like Snorlax, Lapras gets some serious long-term viability and is therefore much harder to catch than some other Pokémon. Still, it’s worthwhile to pursue getting a Lapras ASAP.

The base stats for a Lapras are 650 HP and 150 Attack, which is a great split for a tanky Pokémon that retains some offensive abilities. But a Lapras with Hydro Pump can do it all. The Water-type move is perhaps the best offensive move in the entire game, dealing tons of damage and hurling out four pillars of water in front of the user.

Besides, Lapras also has one of the coolest-looking sprites in Pokémon Quest, so there’s no reason not to try catching one using one of these recipes:

Blue Soda — 4 percent chance — 4 Icy Rock, 1 Tiny Mushroom / Bluk Berry / Apricorn / Fossil
Mouth Watering Dip — 3.7 percent chance — 2 Bluk Berry, 1 Icy Rock, 2 Big Root / Honey / Balm Mushroom
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