'Street Fighter' Ryu Is Becoming a Power Ranger in 'Legacy Wars' Update

Yes, it's Ryu as a Power Ranger. The dream of the '90s is alive on mobile.

Just when you thought the Power Rangers/Street Fighter crossover in the mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars couldn’t get crazier, think again. At San Diego Comic-Con, nWay, Capcom, Hasbro, and Lionsgate have announced the heroic Ryu from Street Fighter is morphing into his own Power Ranger, dubbed “Ryu Ranger,” in an update to the game available right now. There’s also a live-action short film coming soon from digital studio Bat in the Sun.

Yes, it’s Ryu as a Power Ranger. The dream of the ‘90s is alive on mobile.

On Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con, mobile studio nWay and Lionsgate Interactive announced Ryu Ranger, a new character joining the playable character roster of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. The avatar is Ryu in his new Power Ranger form, a true fusion of the two worlds.

In the game, Ryu gets his own “Crimson Hawk” Power Coin, allowing him to transform into a spandex-clad superhero just like the other Power Rangers. Ryu’s abilities have also changed; his iconic Hadouken takes the shape of a hawk, and his Tatsumaki spin kick now traps opponents in mid-air.

It’s unlikely that Ryu Ranger will show up anywhere else beyond Legacy Wars (can you imagine him in Smash Bros?). But there will be more to the Power Rangers/Street Fighter crossover coming soon.

Bat in the Sun, producers of the web series Super Power Beat Down, are producing a short film that will pit more Power Rangers against iconic characters from Street Fighter.

Yes, this is real.

Lionsgate Interactive

In a 2014 episode of Beat Down, “Green Ranger vs. Ryu,” the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger fought Ryu one-on-one, which became a viral hit on YouTube.

Ryu Ranger is now available in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

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