'Uncharted' Fan Film: Nathan Fillion Isn't Even the Best Thing About It

The 15-minute short recreates the games almost to a T.

The best video game movie of all time is now a fan film adaptation of the Uncharted series, starring none other than Firefly star Nathan Fillion.

Out of nowhere on Monday, Fillion (yes, THAT Nathan Fillion) tweeted out a link to an Uncharted fan film based (but unaffiliated with) on the video game franchise from Naughty Dog and Sony. The 15-minute short comes from Canadian director Allan Ungar, who really did his homework. The film offers a stunningly faithful take on the popular video games.

Even better, the short has a truly inspired all-star cast of Fillion in the dream role of Nathan Drake, and Stephen Lang (Avatar, Into the Badlands) as Sully, both of whom prove they were born to play these roles.

Set around the timeline of 2016’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End — aside from Drake’s blue shirt, pay attention to the big villain confirming Drake’s discovery of El Dorado and Shambala, which took place in earlier games — the short follows Nathan Drake (Fillion) playing hostage to some dangerous men while Sully (Lang) downloads floor plans of a mansion to locate items belonging to Ferdinand Magellan, the Spanish explorer and colonizer who got his ass kicked by native Filipinos in 1521.

While the short recreates Drake’s devil may care humor (which Fillion just totally nails), the real impressive bit happens at the 10:50 mark, when the it stops being a “movie” and turns into a live-action recreation of the game, complete with Drake taking cover and the camera zooming in over his shoulder as he aims his gun. Ungar

Sony is currently bringing Uncharted into live-action for real. The film is slated to star Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake in a canonical origin story to the games. 2011’s Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception also included levels featuring a teenage Nathan Drake, who meets a young-ish Sully for the first time.

There is no set release date for Sony’s official Uncharted film yet.

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