Zapdos Day: The 5 Best Counters For Catching the Legendary Pokemon

Rock beats electricity. 

Pokémon trainers from across the globe will participate in the Professor Willow’s Global Challenge in order to unlock multiple bonuses in Pokémon GO. More importantly, once the goals are met, Niantic will let players attempt to catch a Zapdos, but the legendary bird will require some strategy in order to catch it.

Once players around the globe complete the Research Tasks for Professor Willow’s Global Challenge, they will unlock Zapdos Day on July 21. Catching the Legendary Electric Pokémon will require the right counters in order to weaken it enough to be captured with a Premier Ball. Using these Pokémon, at least three of them will net players a Zapdos.


Arguably the best choice to go against Zapdos is Tyranitar. As a Dark/Rock-type Pokémon, it can survive the attacks from the legendary bird and do some big damage with its two Rock moves: Smack Down and Stone Edge. Hopefully, trainers caught a Larvitar during a previous Pokémon GO event.


As a Dragon Pokémon, Rayquaza can also handle itself against Zapdos. Trainers with this Dragon should make sure to have both Dragon Trail and Outrage.


Another Rock Pokémon, Golem will also help takedown the electric bird. Both Rock Throw and Stone Edge will deal solid damage.


Known as a Psychic Pokémon, Jynx also has Ice moves that are very effective against Flying Pokémon. Use both Frost Breath and Avalanche to deplete Zapdos’ health fast.


If a Pokémon trainer is lucky enough to have a Mewtwo, this Raid Battle would be a great time to make use of it. It will take the hits from Zapdos and use both Confusion and Shadow Ball to strike it down.

There are Pokémon that can also help in the Raid Battle against Zapdos such as Piloswine, Salamence, and Dragonite, but these four counters will provide a significant advantage during the battle on July 21.

Looking past Zapdos Day, Pokémon GO player may soon see a new 100 Pokémon when Gen 4 gets added to the game.

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