'Pokémon GO' Fest: How to Get 5 Free Raid Passes and Shiny Zapdos

Pierce the heavens with your Thunder Bolt.

Birds occupy a special place for human cultures all around the world. In the ancient Near East, they were seen as harbingers that could deliver either salvation or destruction. In Pokémon GO, the legendary bird trio brings an epic ass-kicking — and trainers may be able to collect one of them soon.

Zapdos is coming to Pokémon GO, which means this is your chance to bag a Shiny Zapdos and five free Raid passes. However, getting these perks is going to require some work. You can capture the legendary bird during Zapdos Day on July 21, but unlocking access to Zapdos Day requires you to participate in Professor Willow’s Global Challenges.

First, you’ll have to meet all the challenge requirements for Pokémon GO Fest 2018 from July 14 to 15. The event officially takes place in Chicago, but trainers can complete the challenges and reap the benefits from anywhere in the world. Pokemon GO 2018 also offers a chance to get Shiny Plusle, Shiny Minun, Alolan Diglett, and Alolan Geodude.

Nintendo, Niantic

Keep in mind that this is a global effort. Everyone around the world has to complete the respective challenges for their region to unlock Zapdos Day. Moreover, the challenges will also unlock candy beginning July 16 and will get you those five free Raid passes.

Once that’s all out of the way, all that’s left is to spin a Photo Disc at a Gym on July 21 to fight Zapdos. It’s only available for capture for a three-hour window, so be sure to plan out your Saturday. If you want a Shiny Zapdos, you’ll need a lot of persistence and the favor of RNGesus.

It’s all up to chance, and the only way to improve your chances of getting Shiny Zapdos is to keep grinding. Besides, no one said getting a legendary would be easy.