'The Purge' TV Show: Everything We Learned From Its Newspaper

Plenty of murder is still happening.

When The Purge migrates from film over to television this fall, we’ll watch the annual murder spree unfold almost completely in real-time, following a handful of core characters during ten hours of television.

On Tuesday, Inverse received a cryptic package containing a small bundle of blue baptisia and a newspaper from The Associated News, a fictional publication from somewhere in the Purge universe. While slight on concrete details pertaining to the show, the newspaper was riddled with clues and hints at what we can all expect when the show premieres this fall.

We already know that the show takes place on a single night of the Purge, but it will focus on an ensemble cast and flashback to various times throughout the lives of these characters.

But here’s everything we learned:

The Purge TV Show Takes Place in 2027 for the 10th Anniversary

As seen in The First Purge, the very first instance of the annual Purge happened in 2017. In several of the articles, this newspaper confirms that the events of The Purge TV show take place exactly ten years after that.

Throughout this issue of The Associated News, there are plenty of lines that confirm the year is 2027 during The Purge TV show, which makes it the 10-year anniversary for the murderous event. Could that mean that there’s some sort of special, commemorative programming happening?

Speaking of …

What is "The Gauntlet" on 'The Purge' TV show?

USA Network

This Purge Might Have a Hunger Games Event Called “The Gauntlet”

One advertisement on the front page is for something called “The Gauntlet” with darkness and flames behind the text. The ad reads “SURVIVE: SUNSET TO SUNRISE” with another line confirming that it’s a “LIVE! 24 HOUR EVENT.”

This one is perhaps the most cryptic detail, but it seems like the Gauntlet might be a televised version of Purge activities. Is it possible that plenty of people lock themselves inside their home so they can watch people purging close-up via television? This would be akin to how watching the Hunger Games was a form of entertainment in that dystopian franchise, so it would make a lot of sense here as well.

The Carnival of Flesh does not sounds fun for some people in 'The Purge' TV show.

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Something Called “The Carnival of Flesh” Promises “An Emporium of Homicide”

There’s an advertisement for something called the Carnival of Flesh, promising the aforementioned “emporium of homicide.” The ad also teases that participants can “taste true liberty” while also claiming, “We’re the #1 destination to purify yourself on purge urges!”

Given that emporiums offer a variety of goods or services, viewers can safely expect some kind of carnival in which there are tons of ways to murder people.

Could this lavish mansion be the home of the Stanton family in 'The Purge'?


A Wealthy Family’s Purge Party Is Themed After Famous Serial Killers

The “Society” section of the newspaper mentions that a wealthy family called the Stantons are hosting a party on Purge night with a serial killer theme: “Get ready for some dapper Dahmers and suave Son of Sams,” the article reads. There’s also mention of renovations that transform their enormous home into “an H.H.H. style mansion,” referring to the tortue hotel used by serial killer H.H. Holmes.

Keep in mind that the show’s trailer features a wealthy socialite saying, “We are just minutes away from the start of this glorious holiday. Tonight we celebrate because we made this country great. Let the fun begin!” That looks to be actress Andrea Frankle, who according to IMDB, is playing Ellie Stanton, the probable matriarch of the family. And the only mansion shown during the trailer is featured in the above image.

Steve Stubbins Is Probably the Motivational Life Coach that Joe Listens To

Deadline reported in April that actor Lee Tergeson plays “Joe, an armored, masked, and seemingly ordinary man who drives through town, intervening acts of Purge violence while listening to the taped lectures of a motivational life coach.”

This newspaper issue features an advertisement for a “best selling author and motivational speaker” named Steve Stubbins, who’s apparently on a “Purge Power Tour 2027.” That can’t be a coincidence!

The First Purge also had a post-credits scene titled “Joe,” seen above, that features Joe building what are apparently weapons and armor all while listening to a voice on the radio. The voice does sound somewhat like a motivational speaker, but one that’s a bit unhinged with a bunch of pro-Purge propaganda. This much be Stubbins, right?

That's Good Leader Tavis in the background on 'The Purge' TV show.


The Good Leader Tavis Makes Her Debut

An opinion piece on the back cover of the newspaper mentions the charismatic leader of the Mercy Cult. She is the Good Leader Tavis (Fiona Dourif). Her group preys “upon the lives of the downtrodden” to convince them into surrendering their lives to the Purge. “Stepping into the invisible is about making a sacrifice,” Tavis says, “allowing yourself to be purged upon so that others may be purified of their bloodlust.”

It’s probable that Tavis has ties to one of the series main characters: Jessica Garza’s Penelope. Deadline reported in February that she’s gotten involved with a pro-Purge cult, which brings her US marine brother Miguel (Gabriel Chavarria) home to help. For all we know, Penelope is on that bus seemingly heading to the Stanton’s party.

The Purge premieres on USA Network and will be simulcast on Syfy on Tuesday, September 4.

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