'Wonder Woman 1984' Set Footage Shows Cheetah Leap Into Action

Warner Bros./DC Comics

If Wonder Woman is one of the best movies based on DC Comics, then the 2004 Catwoman film is one of the worst. Yet, new set footage from Wonder Woman 1984 appears to show Kristen Wiig engaging in some Catwoman-like acrobatics as she presumably transforms into the villainous Cheetah. Rest assured, though — DC’s second crack at feline-based superpowers will likely be much, much better than the ill-fated first attempt.

On Tuesday, video surfaced of Wiig performing a stunt on Wonder Woman 1984’s Washington DC set. In the video, Wiig — who is dressed in all black, a far cry from the somewhat frumpy outfit she wore in the first official picture of Barbara Minerva — leaps several stories into the air with a little help from a crane.

In the comics, Cheetah has had a couple backstories over the year, but most of them have involved Barbara Minerva falling victim to a curse or African ritual gone wrong that transforms her from a meek academic into a bloodthirsty cat-woman hybrid. Given that Wiig looks much more aggressive in the video (not to mention that she has superhuman jumping abilities) it appears that the curse is slowly effecting her, as there’s no physical sign of a cat transformation. Presumably, she’ll become a full-on cat-lady later in the film, as there doesn’t appear to be the necessary groundwork for CGI special effects or makeup in the scene below.

Catwoman (2004) took some liberties with the Batman character’s classic backstory, as instead of being a talented cat-burglar, Halle Berry was brought back to life by an Egyptian cat god and given feline superpowers, though she never grew fur. It was an infamously terrible movie for a whole host of reasons, but Wonder Woman 1984 appears to be playing in the same sandbox, only this time, they probably won’t totally blow it.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens on November 1, 2019.

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