Apple Maps Getting Built Anew Because There Is Some Justice In This World

Get lost no longer.

Unsplash / Antonio Grosz

Apple Maps has been the butt of many jokes since its disheveled launch in 2012. Now with the launch of iOS 12 just over the horizon, Apple is done being the punch line of everyone’s excuse for being 45 minutes late. The company is completely scrapping their infamous map app and rebuilding it with their own data.

Whether it’s iPhone fans on Reddit or the MacRumors forum, the gripes with Apple Maps run deep. But according to a report published by TechCrunch Apple wants to up its navigation cred.

The plan is to amass map data from two places: A bunch of cars chock full of cameras and sensors — like Google’s Street View cars — and iPhones.

This new mapping technique will take some time and it will be released in a piecemeal fashion. The users who enrolled in the iOS 12 beta will be the first ones to be able to try it out, but there’s a catch.

According to the report, the maps created by this new methodology will only be available for San Francisco and the Bay Area. Apple hopes to expand its coverage to Northern California by the fall.

Unsplash / Dan Chung

People living in other parts of the United States will get this new version of Apple Maps “section by section” in approximately a year, Apple’s Senior Vice President, Eddy Cue told the publication.

This is all in hopes of salvaging the app’s reputation for unreliability. Apple initially launched its proprietary navigational system during the release of iOS 6. The company ditched Google Maps after it had a falling out with Google.

Since then Apple Maps has unfortunately been living in the shadow of Google Maps. But this complete overhaul could finally make it what it was initially meant to be.

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