'Fortnite: Battle Royale' Haunted Hills Treasure Map: Location and Guide

Skip the map and use this guide instead.

After a bit of confusion around this week’s Fortnite update (we’re still waiting for Playground LTM), the Week 9 challenges are officially here. We already showed you how to visit three taco shops in a single game, but what about that Haunted Hills treasure map?

Just like in every treasure map challenge, Fortnite tasks you with finding a secret map in a specific location (this time it’s somewhere in Haunted Hills) and then using that clue to find the actual treasure (10 Battle Stars). If you’re struggling to solve the puzzle or just feel like taking a shortcut here’s how to do it, courtesy of EuroGamer.

'Fortnite' Haunted Hills Treasure Map

Epic Games/Inverse

Skip the map and head north of Haunted Hills towards Junk Junction, which is conveniently located within walking distance of the hidden map. Your best bet is to head there straight out of the Battle Bus, though you may face some competition from other players eager to solve the challenge as well.

Once you arrive it may take a few moments for the treasure to materialize, so run around collecting weapons, materials and other loot while trying not to die. Eventually, the treasure should show up on top of a pile of squashed cars on the northern side of Junk Junction.

Finally, use the button prompt to collect your 10 Battle Stars and hightail it out of there before anyone else shows up. Just remember that Season 4 ends on or around July 9, so you’ve only got a couple more week to earn those Battle Stars.

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