Get Rekt by L33T PWNZ BOSS in This 'Fallout 4' Mod Parody of 'Fallout 76'

The actual 'Fallout 76' won't be this bad, right?

SKK 50, Bethesda Gameworks

For the first time in the video game series history, Fallout 76 is set to be an entirely online experience, and a small but vocal group of fans are already protesting the change using Bethesda’s own hashtag, #SavePlayer1. Now, one fan has taken things a step further by creating a modified version of Fallout 4 that parodies Fallout 76.

The mod titled Fallout 4-76 is a rather blunt parody aimed at the upcoming game’s online mechanics. It converts the Commonwealth (the setting for Bethesda’s previous Fallout game) into a true wasteland without any non-player characters to interact with.

The only exception to that rule are the occasional “players” (approximations of the online players you’ll encounter in Fallout 76) who spawn in with names like L33T PWNZ BOSS. Nukes will also rain from the sky upon the player’s location with only a short warning, referencing another feature in the upcoming game.

That may sound like a pretty brutal parody, but the creator says the whole thing is more of a joke. Mod maker SKK50 explains that they bear no ill will towards Bethesda, adding that they’re looking forward to ‘Fallout 76.

“I pre-ordered Fallout 76 on launch day and am looking forward to exploring the new worl dand game play mechanics,” SKK50 wrote on Nexusmods. “This mod is just for fun, if you don’t get irony walk on by.”

Why fans still want a Fallout 76 single player experience

Despite SKK50’s caveat, the notion of a multiplayer Fallout 76 still fills some fans with dread. So it’s worth noting that most of the potential issues this mod focuses on won’t be a problem in the actual game.

Nukes in Fallout 76 exist primarily to create an end-game experience. Players can’t specifically nuke each other, and any player caught in the blast radius will receive ample warning time to easily escape. The difficulty of accessing a silo also means launches will be rare.

In the absence of NPCs, player-vs-player combat will be an integral part of Fallout 76, but it’s easily avoidable and players won’t be able to grief each other. Alternatively, players can opt out of this entirely by playing solo, as Bethesda’s Todd Howard confirmed at E3 2018, though even the single-player mode still requires an online connection.

The mod probably would’ve been funnier if the references weren’t so dated. I play a lot of multiplayer games and I haven’t seen anyone using L337 speak in years, not even ironically.

If you want to see what edgy tween tryhards actually name themselves nowadays, look no further than Reaper Names. When you go out into West Virginia, you are far more likely to be killed by someone named Jizzdragon than H4X0R G4M3R G0D.

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