Hammond 'Overwatch' Teaser: Everything That's Leaked About Hero 28

Is it him? 


It was back in February when Overwatch saw a new hero added to its roster and a new social media post hints that someone else will soon join the fray.

The official Overwatch Twitter account shared a video clip Thursday with a message of “Calm before the storm.” It’s a simple video, and at only six seconds with hardly any motion, it builds anticipation for what’s to come. What is interesting is what appears to be some posters on the wall of some alley gives a hint of Hero 28.

In the clip, the focus is on a monkey with the word “Horizon” at the bottom left. This could mean that what we’re seeing is the first tease for a character in the Overwatch lore called Hammond.

Last year, on June 20 to be exact, Blizzard released the Horizon Lunar Colony map. The lore that came with the map was that humans created a moonbase. It was there that scientists began experimenting on gorillas, which was where Winston came from. Specimen 8, called Hammond, was one of the test subjects that escaped from its cage and was considered missing along with Winston who built a rocket to go to Earth.

Could that monkey in the poster be Hammond? It’s unclear as of right now. This could be someone else completely different, and the need to jump on any reference is what makes Hammond the possible choice for Hero 28. So far, the Overwatch Twitter account has provided no extra hints, but it is doing a bit of trolling to players wanting desperately to know who is Hero 28 and when will they join the game’s roster. Those fans, like everyone else, will have to continue waiting.

In July, the first Overwatch League Grand Finals will take place in New York City. One pro team coach talked about the ridiculously long hours players put into the game, but his team is still losing.

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