'Starfield' Release Date: Bethesda Adds Fuel to the Next-Gen Console Rumors

What we know so far.

Bethesda is a new player in the E3 press conference game. E3 2018 was only its third year of having a pre-E3 event, and it killed it. The publisher had multiple quality announcements, but its last reveal was also its most mysterious.

Todd Howard, executive producer and game director at Bethesda Softworks, introduced a brand new game to close out the Bethesda show last week called Starfield. He showed off a teaser video for the game that showed not much at all, but there is some info available about it.

Story and Gameplay

So far, what is known about Starfield is that it’s a sci-fi game that takes place in space, or at least, has some sort of space component. The game has actually been talked about since 2013 when Bethesda’s parent company, Zenimax, copyrighted the name. It will be the first original game from the published in 25 years.

As for characters, setting, and everything else for a story, there has yet to be any info released on it. Howard did confirm Starfield will not be an MMO, but instead, a big single-player RPG.

Release Date

Obviously, Starfield is not coming out anytime soon, or even relatively soon. In an interview with Gamespot, Howard was asked whether the game would come out for current console or the next-generation systems.

“I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know the answer to that yet,” he told Gamespot.* “When you’re making a game, you want to get the best stuff on the screen, and then you optimize and you do things and if it lands here, we can cast a wider net, great. But if we can’t … we’ve done that before.”

With a statement like that, it’s safe to say that Starfield is very early in development. In The Making of Fallout 76 documentary, Howard mentioned the team in Bethesda Montreal and Maryland will start work on Starfield once the new Fallout game is finished.

Another big reveal at the Bethesda E3 press conference was Elder Scrolls VI. Not much of the game was shown, but there are theories on where in Tamriel the game takes place.

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