'Elder Scrolls 6' Release Date: Bethesda Already Knows When It's Coming Out

Not even Todd Howard's kids know.

Pretty much everything we know about Elder Scrolls VI comes from a single official image hinting at the new game’s location, but behind the scenes there’s a lot Bethesda isn’t telling us. Studio director Todd Howard recently revealed that he already has an Elder Scrolls VI release date in mind, but he’s not ready to share it just yet.

“I do,” Howard told GameSpot when asked if there was a launch data planned. “I would be foolish to say it.”

Unlike the rumors about Fallout 76, many of which turned out to be true, there is virtually no reliable scuttlebutt on Elder Scrolls VI. No one knows anything about it, not even Howard’s own kids.

Fortunately, we can estimate a rough release date based on previous information. We know that most of the team is currently working on Fallout 76 thanks to the Noclip documentary, which followed Bethesda Game Studios during the development of Fallout 76. It also confirmed that once production on Fallout 76 is wrapped up and the game is ready to ship, the studio will be focusing on Starfield, the company’s first totally original idea in 25 years.

So Bethesda is currently working on two major titles, one of which is a brand new universe that Bethesda has to build from the ground-up, while Elder Scrolls VI hasn’t yet left pre-production. I’m no fortune teller, but I’m enough of a betting man to say you aren’t going to be playing Elder Scrolls VI in this decade. The number in Howard’s mind is probably sometime in 2024, if not later, which is probably why he isn’t telling.

Basically, you won’t be coming back to Nirn for a long ass time. Sorry.

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