'Elder Scrolls 6': Release Date, Trailer, Location, Rumors, and More

"My mortgage will be paid off before this game comes out."

Bethesda seemingly announced every hypothetical sequel possible for all their hit games at E3 2018, including the long-awaited Elder Scrolls VI. The actual teaser was light on details, but that doesn’t mean we’re totally in the dark.

Here’s everything we know about Elder Scrolls VI so far.

The trailer doesn’t show much but, maybe it shows enough

The teaser trailer is nothing fancy. We’re sent flying over a very pretty but very empty stretch of coast. It’s mostly rocky with some small mountains in the background and patches of light vegetation.

Eventually, we come upon an abandoned building that may have been a castle or fort. Judging by lack of ruins around it, it was most likely a watchtower or some sort. Castles and forts are housed by lots of soldiers, and soldiers need to eat. So things like roads, stables, and storehouses are rather important to have around.

If you look closely, however, there’s something in the background that looks like it could be a small settlement.

A modest settlement? Or a shore of LIES?

Bethesda Game Studios, Bethesda Softworks

And while the teaser is sparse on details, it certainly hasn’t stopped people from speculating on where Elder Scrolls VI may take place, myself included.

There’s the obvious location and then there’s the exciting location

Out of all the possible places, High Rock seems to be the most likely. The landscape we see in the teaser is cloudy, looks a bit on the chilly side, and is reminiscent of the stony shores found in the United Kingdom and northern France.

High Rock is one of the northern provinces of the empire and home of the Bretons, a rugged, feudal society of humans inspired by Arthurian and Frankish legend. As you may have guesed, High Rock is indeed filled with high and rocky things. With that in mind, the teaser is a bit on the nose, and High Rock is the most popular theory for very good reasons.

However, I’m still holding out for Akavir.

The game is still far away

The only thing that Bethesda confirmed about Elder Scrolls VI is that it’s in pre-production. In 2016, Bethesda vice president Pete Hines tweeted that Bethesda wasn’t working on the title at all.

Bethesda already provided hard release dates for a bunch of upcoming titles before Elder Scrolls VI, which means you will be waiting a long ass time to play this game. The most generous estimate would be 2022, but I’d say the most likely date would be around 2024.

“Jesus,” one dude on Reddit said. “My mortgage will be paid off before this game comes out.”

Yep. You’ll be out of college or high school. You might have a new job. Your newborn child will have acquired speech and complex decision making by the time this game comes out.

Strap in for the long haul.

It will most definitely be a next-gen title

We’re only a few years away from a new console generation and Elder Scrolls VI would be an ideal launch title to usher in the next big consoles. The Fallout 76 trailer revealed at E3 shows some impressive visual improvements, so it looks like Bethesda has beefed up its Creation engine. We can expect more improvements by the time Elder Scrolls VI comes around.

Any other crazy rumors?

Aside from my wild hope that it’s set in Akavir, not really. Or rather, not any rumors with any concrete backing.

It probably won’t be a multiplayer survival shooter, though. Right?.

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