'Avengers 4' First Look May Have Confirmed the Concept Art With Hulk's Suit

Marvel Entertainment

Hulk want armor!

That’s what we’re assuming Hulk says at some point in Avengers 4, because new rumors coming out of CineEurope suggest that the big green guy “suits up” again in the Infinity War sequel. This time, however, he may also get his own supersuit rather than ripped pants that somehow still cover up his legs.

Jeremy Conrad with MCU Cosmic on Thursday reported what he and other fans saw of Avengers 4 at CineEurope. And while sounded like almost nothing, news reporter Nikita Byrkin had a small but very important clarification to make over Twitter.

Apparently, attendees didn’t really get to see any legitimate footage from Avengers 4, but they did get a “small look at the Avengers’ suits” that included “Hulk’s new armor.” Does that mean he gets armor akin to what we saw him wearing in Thor: Ragnarok? Or is it something else entirely, designed perhaps by Tony Stark?

Remember that earlier this June, a supposedly “leaked” piece of Avengers 4 concept art was circulating on the internet after emerging on Imgur.

It featured all of the surviving Avengers in their typical attire with a few alterations: there’s the exciting addition of Captain Marvel; War Machine has a totally new (or simply augmented) set of armor; Black Widow and Captain America also return to former costumes and hairstyles; and then there’s Hulk, decked out in some kind of full-body, skin-tight suit.

Was this the same art that was shown to the crowd at CineEurope? Is Hulk’s outfit the costume that Nikita Byrkin calls “armor”? Or did fans get to see something entirely different?

So far, we can’t possibly know what a more public first look at Avengers 4 might look like, but we’re anxiously looking forward to whatever Marvel Studios decides to show us next.

Avengers 4 will be released on May 3, 2018.