'Fortnite' Pleasant Park Treasure Map: Where to Find the Week 7 Battle Star

What you need to know and what else you can do while you're there.

The weekly reset for Fortnite means seven new Challenges offering players a chance to get more Battle Stars. So where exactly do players need to go in order to “Follow the treasure map found in Pleasant Park”? We’ve got you covered right here.

On Tuesday morning at 4 a.m. Eastern, Epic Games rolled out the Week 7 Challenges for Fortnite: Battle Royale, and because it’s an odd-numbered week, that means players have to find a treasure map in a named location and discover where it leads to get ten Battle Stars. But, if you already know where it leads, then you don’t have to mess around with the map at all.

The treasure map in Pleasant Park (depicted below) maps out the roads of Tilted Towers, and a red “X” marks the spot where you can find the treasure. To find it, you’ll want to aim for the eastern side of Tilted Towers towards a small mountain. Aim for the highest peak with two trees on it, and you’ll find the Battle Star directly in between them. There’ll be a lower ledge just east that also has two trees on it, so don’t let that distract you.

You want to head to the eastern side of Tilted Towers to complete this Challenge.

Epic Games

If you’re also working towards some of the other Challenges for your Battle Pass, then you should know that Week 7 also has players “Deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents.” So the best way to do this Challenge is to land on this peak at the very start of a match as soon as possible because you’ll land with plenty of other players looking to do the same. Then, you’ll all hack each other to death with your Pickaxes.

In the off chance you survive such an encounter and can make your way west through Tilted Towers, another Challenge has you “Score a goal on different pitches.” There’s an indoor soccer field directly west of Tilted Towers that you might remember from the “Dance in front of different cameras” Challenge from several weeks back. It’s one of several soccer pitches that will work for that Challenge.

Like all new Challenges in Season 4, these will be active until the season ends on or around July 9, so you’ll have plenty of time to complete these tasks. But there’s no better time than right now.

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