'Avengers' Fans: Here's How Much It Costs to See 'Infinity War' 45 Times

How much do you love Marvel? Do you love it enough to see Avengers: Infinity War, with a running time of two hours and 40 minutes, a whopping 40 times? One guy did. A YouTuber has legitimately seen the epic Marvel film 45 times and counting, aspiring to an “astronomical number” to maintain a record. But how much would that cost you? We broke it down.

On Thursday, a YouTuber and musician named “Nem” went viral for seeing Avengers: Infinity War more times than any human being deems reasonable. His popularity has earned him love from IMAX, who gave him 50 more free tickets to keep his streak going, and an invitation from directors Joe and Anthony Russo to see Avengers 4 next year in 2019.

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Nem’s tickets show he’s attended theaters in his area, like the AMC Northlake 14 and AMC Concord Mills 24. Ranging between $5 to $10, Nem has an advantage fans in coastal cities like New York may not; the average ticket price in Manhattan varies between $12.25 to $15.25, and that’s without the sweet luxury of IMAX and 3D.

A quick search on Fandango shows me that if I were to watch Avengers: Infinity War tonight after work, at the Regal E-Walk in Times Square, I’d pay $17.15.

Nem himself tweeted he does not use MoviePass, so let’s say you buy a ticket each time you see Infinity War. Nem’s visits wildly differ in price each time, so we’ll set his admission across the board at a nice, in-the-middle figure of $9.32, which he paid on one of his more recent trips. For you, you poor New Yorker who pays $1,200 a month for a broom closet in Nolita, your admission is $15.25.

  • At $9.32, a fan in Nem’s area of the U.S. will have to pay $419.40 to see Infinity War 45 times. That’s not too bad. You could buy a Nintendo Switch and a few games at that price, but it’s still ridiculous.
  • But at $15.25, you’re looking at $686.25 for what you can soon do for free, after a one-time purchase of $19.99 when Infinity War hits Blu-ray.

With a billion dollars earned at the box office, Disney and Marvel Studios definitely don’t need any more of my money, but all the more power to Nem for being dedicated in a way the rest of us are not. Also, his vast collection of Marvel graphic t-shirts is also enough to put your average Comic-Con goer to shame. All hail Nem, he truly has all the power in the universe.

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters now.

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