‘Superman World’s Finest’: Leaked Poster May Reveal New Rocksteady Game

It's a's a's a game!


A poster of a certain superhero from Smallville made its way to the internet causing a lot of speculation, but maybe those hopeful wishes should be taken with a big grain of kryptonite.

An image showed up on 4chan Wednesday of what looks to be Superman’s cape with a title of Superman: World’s Finest. The user who posted the image gave some other details about the supposed game: It will be developed by Rocksteady Studios, Braniac will be the main villain, and the game reveal will happen at Microsoft’s E3 press event. There could also be other DC heroes involved, maybe the Caped Crusader will come to save Superman.

This is not the first rumor about a Superman game developed by Rocksteady. Last month, another 4chan thread stated similar points regarding the developer and the main villain. That post also mentioned the new Superman game would be set in the Arkhamverse, flying integrated with the combat, and semi-destructible environments.

The question is whether this is real or not. As always, it’s hard to give credibility to an anonymous poster on 4chan, but leaks do tend to show up there. Rocksteady has been silent for a while. Its last major game was 2015’s Batman: Arkham Knight, but the company’s Twitter account tweeted job openings for the studio twice in May, which was last done by the account back in January.

Considering the timing, this kind of leak is hard to ignore, and if anyone can pull off a good Superman game, it’s Rocksteady. Gamers hoping for a new Superman game will find out the truth when Microsoft holds its E3 press conference on Sunday, June 11.

Fans of Superman who need some time to waste until Sunday could catch up on Krypton. The first season ended weeks ago, but it had a killer cliffhanger with a phrase everyone fan of the Man of Steel will recognize.

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