WWDC 2018 Gave Us The Perfect Meme With a Single Word

It's the GIF we deserve.

A meme has emerged from the depths of Apple marketing. It’s slowly creeping into your Twitter feed. It’s almost like they planned this.

So far, this year’s WWDC 2018, also known as Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, has delivered plenty of surprises for iPhone, iMac, and iAnything users. And one of those surprises is a refreshingly new, relatable reaction GIF. Popular GIF app GIPHY first made the discovery that, during one of the livestreamed presentations, a fullscreen graphic made a big impact. So, naturally, they made a GIF out of it. And Twitter has welcome the moment with open arms:

As GIPHY went on to demonstrate, the new reaction GIF is incredibly succinct, versatile and effective. Like any good meme, it can be put to infinite purposes.

And those are just the dry basics! You can even use the ‘No.’ GIF as a still reaction image, like this!

Or even like this!

You can use it to praise Apple or criticise it. For positive or for negative. Light or dark. Pointless, or perhaps poignant uses are on the horizon for this GIF.

What’s this we have? A fresh take? A new perspective?

See, it’s already gaining traction for subjects beyond tech!

Or, if you’re popular YouTube personality Philip DeFranco, you can find other pieces of the same presentation to meme.

This might be the first meme to emerge from WWDC 2018, but it certainly isn’t the first juicy tidbit of Apple software unveiling to make today’s news. Trending topics include the announced group FaceTime feature, with up to 32 people on one call, dark mode for Macs and instantly decluttered desktops. And it’s only the first day of the conference!

One thing that’s certain about the online response to WWDC 2018 is that the memes that are poking fun at Apple’s new developments are the most popular.

Tim Cook is shaking! Before long, the ‘No.’ GIF might become a tangible presence in our lives. Or it might die in a dusty corner of the GIPHY app. Either way, it’s just one of the many potentially life-changing pieces of news from WWDC 2018.

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