No, You Aren't the Only One Taking Accidental Screenshots with the iPhone X

There isn't an immediate solution.

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You reach for your iPhone X to snooze your alarm in the morning, screenshot. You pick it up to check the time, screenshot. You try to wiggle it out of your pocket, screenshot.

Apple users across the internet have been cursing their iPhone Xs for flooding their camera rolls with unintentional screenshots. The culprit: The button combination that takes screen captures. Previous iPhones allowed users to take screenshots by holding the Lock button and the Home button simultaneously. Since the iPhone X ditched the Home button, the phone requires users to press the Lock and the Volume Up button to take screenshots. A new mechanic that has caused widespread frustration.

The result is that users have to scroll through their photos daily to ensure their preferred selfies and favorite memes don’t get lost in an ocean of unwanted pictures of their morning alarm.


On Thursday, redditor mrqpa started a thread titled “iPhone X is my ulitmate unwanted screenshot machine,” which garnered over 2,400 upvotes in just ten hours.

It's not just you.

“Is it just me or the location of the power button [versus the] volume up button (combination of these two result in a screenshot) is so unfortunate that I end up with several unwanted screenshots every day?” they asked.

No, you aren’t alone mrqpa. A quick search on Twitter reveals countless tweets of iPhone X users complaining about this very same problem. Some just voiced their gripe, while others meme’d their frustrations away.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no immediate solution to this nuisance. Apple user bdl1974 took to the company’s support forum to ask if there way to disable screenshotting back in November 2017. Since then 94 other users have said they have the same question, but have been met with no reply.

With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference set to kick off on June 4, we can only hope that the company will listen to its customers and offer a solution to this issue in the upcoming iOS 12 software update. But until then, better get used to cleaning out your photos every so often.

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