HTC U12 Plus vs. iPhone X Plus: Price, Specs, Release Date, and Screen Size

This year's biggest new devices will have astounding cameras and performance. All the news you need to know.

HTC’s followup to its last smartphone release has almost arrived. The HTC U12 Plus promises to take everything its predecessor succeeded at and elevate it. For starters, it is this year’s stand-alone HTC phone. There is no smaller version of the U12 Plus and there likely won’t be an improved edition six months down the line. This means the tech company poured everything they wanted to include in their 2018 handsets right into the U12 Plus.

But there is another, possibly monumental, smartphone looming in the distance. Apple is said to be cooking up an iPhone X Plus to drop alongside three other phones this year. While most of the information surrounding this device is speculative, blogs have looked to Apple’s Asian Pacific supply chain and leaked insider documents to get an idea of what the iPhone X Plus could look like.

Here’s how this preliminary information stacks up against the HTC U12 Plus.


HTC U12 Plus vs. iPhone X Plus: Price and Release Date

The U12 Plus became available for pre-order across the globe on Wednesday. The Taiwanese tech giant told Android Authority that shipments should begin sometime in early to mid-June. Interested users can reserve a 64-gigabyte U12 Plus for $799 or a 128GB version for $849 in the United States.

Apple’s release date for the rumored iPhone X Plus is still a mystery. But extrapolating from Apple’s previous smartphone releases, it’s likely that we’ll see an announcement of some kind during the iPhone Keynote in September.

An insider report by Economic Daily News claimed that Samsung — the company contracted to make most of Apple’s phone displays — is expected to begin production of the iPhone X Plus as early as May or June. And in another article Economic Daily New interviewed various anonymous sources from Apple’s supply chain that said the phone would allegedly go to market for $999.

HTC U12 Plus vs. iPhone X Plus: Specs

HTC hasn’t had a brilliant track record with battery longevity; many reviews are saying the U12 Plus’s 3,500mAh battery will be … just OK. But the Taiwanese company is touting its camera as being the “highest-rated dual-camera setup in the industry.” It will include two cameras on the rear and on the front of the phone.

We don’t have any solid answer on the iPhone X Plus’s specs, but Japanese blog Macotakara reported that the rumored phone could be about 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 8 Plus, which would make it comparable to the iPhone X that comes in at 7.7mm thick. This information was gleaned from supply chain sources.

The original iPhone X made waves with its crystal clear dual-camera, so it’s likely Apple will continue marketing this as a highlight for its next trio of smartphones.

HTC U12 Plus vs. iPhone X Plus: Screen Size

HTC’s new flagship will come with a 6-inch LCD screen, which is the identical size of the U11 Plus’ screen. For all of you that fans of the screen notch that the iPhone X has popularized, HTC has answered your call by totally excluding it. The phone simply has a slender bezel that houses the speaker and its two front-facing cameras. It will also include Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 845 chipset and 6GB of RAM.

A Macotakara report offered some insight of how this beefed-up iPhone X might look like. The blog cited an anonymous “reliable supplier” that said it would have a 6.5-inch OLED display. That would be a sizable upgrade from the iPhone X’s 5.8-inch screen. But it will more likely than not include a notch.

Thanks to a report that revealed Apple has started production of its new chips, we have an idea of what the interworking of the iPhone X Plus could look like. This new chipset, dubbed “A12,” will use a new 7-nanometer design that beats the existing 10-nanometer chips found in Apple’s 2017 smartphone releases. And according to established Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the successor to the iPhone X could have 4GB of RAM.


HTC U12 Plus vs. iPhone X Plus: Features

The most unique feature that will come with the U12 is its “Tap, Hold, Squeeze” system that improves on the U11’s Edge Sense feature. This allows users to perform sustained taps or squeeze the sides of their phone to interact with apps and adjust settings.

While there haven’t been any talks about unique features that might come with the iPhone X Plus. Apple is expected to improve Siri during its Worldwide Develops Conference starting on June 4. The company also made a big hire to to help improve its artificial intelligence tech, which could suggest their next line of phone will hone in on A.I. capabilities.

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