Jeff Lemire's Final 'Bloodshot' Issue Features a Daring, Dangerous Rescue

Valiant Comics

It’s been a wild year for Bloodshot. In the pages of Valiant’s Bloodshot: Salvation, by Eisner Award nominee Jeff Lemire and artist Doug Braithwaite, the nanite-powered super soldier has gone to hell and back (literally) to protect his family from Omen. Now, in an exclusive preview of Bloodshot: Salvation #12, the final issue in the series and of Lemire’s epic run on Bloodshot, Magic teams up with the Bloodshot Squad to rescue Jessie from the clutches of Omen.

In these pages of Bloodshot: Salvation #12, set for an August 8 release, Magic teams up with Tank Man, Viet Man, and Cold Man to infiltrate the Omen base in South Dakota, where Jessie is being held hostage by the Scarred Man. Not only will Magic and the Bloodshot Squad have to get past Omen foot soldiers, they’ll also have to square off with the titanic Rampage, a classic Bloodshot villain who made an epic return in Bloodshot: Salvation last summer.

Meanwhile, the man himself, Ray Garrison a.k.a. Bloodshot, has been flung to the year 4001 with the goodest of good boys, Bloodhound, and will fight to get back to his proper time. Connecting to Lemire’s stand-alone 4001 A.D.: Bloodshot from 2016, you’ll see the whole thing start in June, when Bloodshot: Salvation #10 kicks off the final arc of the series, “The Book of Revelations.”

Cover of 'Bloodshot: Salvation' #12, from Jeff Lemire and Doug Braithwaite.

Valiant Comics

There is a lot of change in store for Bloodshot as well as the Valiant Universe. Bloodshot: Salvation #12 puts a bow on Lemire’s stellar, multi-year run with Bloodshot, a character Lemire elevated from violent anti-hero to a complex emotional figure burdened with an identity crisis; Bloodshot is forever conflicted by the man he was and the man he wishes to become.

See the exclusive pages of Bloodshot: Salvation #12 below.

Doug Braithwaite
Valiant Comics
Valiant Comics

Bloodshot: Salvation #12 will be released on August 8.

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