'The Flash' Season 4 Finale: 5 Questions the Show Needs to Answer

The Flash is about to wrap up its fourth season with “We Are the Flash” on May 22, and there are several huge questions that this season needs to answer before the battle against DeVoe ends in the season finale.

Team Flash has spent almost all of Season 4 dealing with Clifford DeVoe, aka the Thinker, who gained his powers the same night Barry did when the particle accelerator exploded. He waited for several years until Team Flash broke Barry out of the Speed Force, giving birth to a dozen new meta-humans called “bus metas.” It was all part of his elaborate plan for the Enlightenment, which will essentially lobotomize the entire planet and make everyone but him unintelligent.

The Season 4 finale looks like an Inception-type adventure in which Barry has to invade DeVoe’s mind, but there’s no telling how wrong things might go. “How will Team Flash defeat DeVoe?” seems like the obvious question, but here are a few more to consider:

Marlize DeVoe will probably be the "surprise ally" in the Season 4 finale, right?

The CW

5. Who Is the “Surprising Ally” Teased in the Episode Description?

The official episode description for “We Are the Flash” references a “surprising ally.” Most summaries include a lot more information, but this is all we’ve got this time around: “Team Flash gets help from a surprising ally in their battle against DeVoe.” There are very few candidates that would make sense here. It might be the Mystery Girl, who we know for sure will appear in the episode and help set up Season 5 (more on that later). But the much more likely explanation is that Marlize DeVoe, the Mechanic, will turn on her husband and help Team Flash prevent the Enlightenment and defeat the Thinker. The trailer for the episode does show Barry hooked up to the Thinker’s floating chair, which Marlize took from her husband when she left a few episodes ago.

Barry and Ralph earlier in Season 4 of 'The Flash'.

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4. Will Team Flash Somehow Be Able to Revive the Bus Metas, Ralph Included?

Most of the bus metas dying throughout Season 3 isn’t all that strange for The Flash, which hasn’t shied away from killing off new characters before, but spending most of the season building up Ralph Dibny as a new central member of the team only to kill him off seems wrong. By all accounts, it looks like the bus metas will indeed stay dead, but Season 4 could end on a happy note that sees everything undone in some crazy fashion.

Cecile's about the have her baby in the Season 4 finale.

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3. Will Cecile and Joe’s Child Be a Meta-Human?

Cecile’s bizarre telepathy powers that developed as part of her pregnancy only increased in strength during Episode 22, and The Flash Season 4 finale will almost definitely include her giving birth. Where exactly is this plotline going? Will Cecile keep her powers after the pregnancy is over? Will their child be born a meta-human? Heck, maybe that baby develops crazy powers that one day destroy the world, and the Mystery Girl came back in time to kidnap the child?

'The Flash'

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2. Who’s the Big Bad of Season 5?

In an article from Entertainment Weekly earlier this may, The Flash executive producer Todd Helbing said, “Most people that are familiar with comics will probably be able to deduce who the big bad is for next season.” There should be a few big reveals due in the Season 4 finale, but one of them will be establishing a recognizable main villain for the next season. The next-biggest revelation is also pretty obvious.

Actress Jessica Parker Kennedy plays the Mystery Girl in Season 4 of 'The Flash'

The CW

1. Who Exactly Is the Mystery Girl?

Todd Helbing has also promised that we’d get a solid answer regarding the Mystery Girl’s identity in the Season 4 finale. It seems like she’ll play a huge role in Season 5. Does that mean that she is the Big Bad of Season 5? Probably not, considering the show is moving away from speedster villains after each of the first three seasons focused on Reverse-Flash, Zoom, and Savitar, respectively (with a few other random speedsters in between).

Most people think that the Mystery Girl is Iris and Barry’s daughter or granddaughter from the future, and my favorite twist on that is that she’s a gender-bent Bart Allen that came back in time to prevent the apocalypse that destroyed her future. Whether or not this is true, it’s probably the case that she’s some time-traveling hero or anti-hero from the future.

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