Our Favorite Wireless Earbuds Just Dropped in Price Again

The Treblabs X11 Bluetooth earphones have never been cheaper.

Ever since Apple murdered the 3.5mm headphone jack live onstage in 2016, Bluetooth earphones have flooded the market. They’re great: more convenient and tangle-free than their wired counterparts, and thanks to ever-improving Bluetooth technology, they don’t cost a million dollars and sound completely terrible anymore, either.

That’s where the TREBLAB X11 Earphones come in, which promise “CD-like sound quality through cutting-edge components”. Unlike a lot of “wireless” earphones, there’s not a cord to be found on these guys. While tiny, they also offer good noise cancellation and a built-in mic, so you can take calls as well as drown out the entire world. They also come with secure ear fins so they won’t slip out while you sprint to catch the stupid bus that’s three minutes early..

The battery life is also pretty great either. These guys, apparently, can last up to six hours without a recharge. That’s six whole workouts! Or, if you’re me, 24 whole workouts!

We’ve previously recommended the TREBLAB earbuds and our readers love them. They boast a rating of 4.5 stars from over 300 reviews. “No hype. Pure sound.” they promise, and they mean it. if that wasn’t enough to convince you, right now they’ve never been cheaper. Last time we saw a discount on these guys, you could get a pair for $36.99, down from $199.99. That’s already a wild deal. But, for a limited time, Inverse readers can pick up the TREBLAB X11s for a new all-time low price of just $32.99. You’re welcome.

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