'Star Wars' Rumor: Obi-Wan Ewan McGregor Movie Already In Pre-Production 

Since August of 2017, persistent rumors have suggested that a standalone Star Wars movie about Obi-Wan Kenobi, and starring Ewan McGregor is definitely going to happen. However, since then, there has been no official confirmation from Lucasfilm about this project. But, on Thursday, the day of the early Los Angeles premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story, a new rumor surfaced that the Obi-Wan movie is already in secret pre-production.

Like all rumors about this specific Star Wars project, fans should probably take these new rumors with a large grain of spice, straight from the mines of Kessel. But, according to an anonymous source who spoke to Fantha Tracks on Thursday, “The project is sufficiently along that an art department is now in full pre-production mode at Pinewood Studios, England…A number of concept artists, prop modelers, and storyboard artists are working as a team across the two locations on the film…”

While these rumors are compelling, there’s just one problem: Ewan McGregor hasn’t grown a beard yet! This may sound like a joke, but because McGregor attended the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story, and he wasn’t rocking an Obi-Wan beard, it seems like we can’t get too excited about the idea of an Obi-Wan movie just yet.

Then again, some fans are pointing to the fact that McGregor attended the premiere at all as a sure fire sign that he’s hanging out with Lucasfilm a lot. Which would make sense if the Obi-Wan movie is quietly happening.

And then, there’s the rumor that Obi-Wan is secretly in Solo, and McGregor plays him. Which, isn’t that insane. After all, if Han and Chewie make it to Tatooine, Obi-Wan is totally living on that planet at this point in the saga.

Fans won’t have too much longer to find out if Obi-Wan is in Solo, the film is out everywhere on May 25. But as far as those Obi-Wan movie rumors, it seems like we have a lot longer to wait to find out if that is an old Jedi mind trick, or something totally real.

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