"Grimes's Boyfriend Elon Musk" Is the Best Chrome Extension in Years

Women deal with this problem all the time. 


Fans of avant-garde pop artist Grimes and fans of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk — who are now rumored to be dating following their Met Gala appearance on Monday — seem to run in separate circles. Given this reality, some of Grimes’s followers may be wondering, “Who is Elon Musk?” Fortunately, there’s a new Chrome extension to answer this exact question.

The unlikely couple has inspired a thousand memes, fan fiction, and theories about what started their romance. However, Grimes’s fans aren’t as enthused about this match, and some are seeking a reminder of just who, exactly, this Elon Musk fellow really is. Enter the Elon Musk Text Replacement extension for Chrome.

Those who have a hard time remembering Elon Musk can use the extension to automatically replace any mention of his name with “Grimes’s Boyfriend.” This helpful tool was created by 24-year-old James Bartholomeou, Newsweek reported Thursday, to transform headlines like “Elon Musk Says Tesla Accidents May Result from ‘Experienced User’ Error” into “Grimes’s Boyfriend Says Tesla Accidents May Result from ‘Experienced User’ Error.” Bartholomeou was inspired to create the extension because he was sick of seeing famous women introduced in stories as someone else’s romantic partner.

Screenshot of the Chrome extension in action.

“A lot of the time, you see celebrity/famous women referred to by their husbands’ names,” Bartholomeou explained in a tweet. I’m now adding to the [extension] to make it so that celebrity men are referred to by their spouses’ names. I’ll upload it as a separate add-on later on.”

Citing this pervasive problem for female celebrities, Bartholomeao plans to add an update that will change even more men’s names to reflect their relationship to famous women. Soon, these extensions will replace George Clooney with “Amal Clooney’s husband” and Ryan Reynolds will become “Blake Lively’s husband.”

Grimes’s boyfriend might be a celebrity on his own merit, but this Chrome extension is a bold reminder of how famous women are often described in relation to their male counterparts. Hopefully, Grimes’s boyfriend will learn to live with it.

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