Deadpool Answers Google Questions About 'Deadpool 2' and Your Mom

Ever wanted to ask Deadpool a question? Now you can. To hype up the release of Deadpool 2, Marvel’s Merc With a Mouth is answering some of Google’s top queries. Why is water wet? Why do cats purr? Should you watch Deadpool with your parents? Wade Wilson share his wisdom.

On Wednesday, Google began letting Deadpool answer some (very specific) top questions in the search engine. Yes, it is actually Ryan Reynolds answering them, in a selfie video on an extremely sunny day somewhere in (presumably) Canada. Yes, all his answers are great, all of them ranging from weed jokes to obscure pop culture references like Young Hercules. Also, lest you forget, Mother’s Day is coming up, and Deadpool is here to save your ass.

The list of questions that get you Deadpool isn’t long, but they are specific, highly-searched word salads; “When does Deadpool 2 come out?” and “Did Ryan Reynolds really play the piano in La La Land?” bring up Deadpool. Generic stuff like “What is love?” and “Is water wet?” may not, but Deadpool still has an answer for them. (Side note: Read that La La Land one again, and slowly.)

And yes, there is one MCU Easter egg (kind of). When you Google the question “Who is Deadpool?”, Deadpool responds: “Witty superhero. Wears a read suit. Friendly neighborhood kind of guy. Lives with an old woman. Might shoot webs.” Gee, I wonder who Deadpool is talking about.


For your convenience, you can view all of Deadpool’s answers here.

Deadpool 2 opens on May 18.

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