'Solo: A Star Wars Story': Lando Doesn't Care About Han's Name in New Clip

If you were worried that Solo was going to be a tepid, unnecessary entry into the Star Wars saga, the first officially released clip from the movie will easily turn you around on that opinion faster than Millennium Falcon can outrun an Imperial cruiser. On Wednesday, Lucasfilm released a short clip of Han and Lando meeting in a gambling den, and everything about it is great.

The clip starts with Han walking into some kind of smoky, shady poker game, where Lando is cleaning up. We hear Lando say “How did you guys let me beat you on that one?” as he pulls a bunch of money to his side of the table casually. Han sits down and the two introduce themselves to each other. “Captain” Lando Calrissian also doesn’t give a shit about how Han pronounces his name. As in the classic trilogy, and in some of the new trailers, Lando says “Hayn” (rhymes with “can”) while most people in the movies — like Luke and Leia — say “Hon” (rhymes with “lawn”). Han tries to correct Lando, but Lando isn’t having it.

Han also seemingly mispronounces “sabacc,” the card game which may or may not lead to Han winning the Millennium Falcon from Lando. The weird thing is, we don’t know if this scene is actually when Han wins the ship while gambling. It could be a different game entirely.

It’s also important to note, that in The Empire Strikes Back, Han says Lando lost the Falcon to him “fair and square.” But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the bet only happened at the gambling table. Mabye Han and Lando’s wagers will go far beyond just what’s happening in this scene.

Either way, the energy between Alden Ehrenreich as Solo and Donald Glover as Calrissian in this scene is ridiculously compelling. These guys are clearly having a great time with these characters, but they’re also playing the characters as real people. It’s not quite enough to make you forget Billy Dee Williams and Harrison Ford, but it’s damn close.

As far as how this scene plays out, we don’t have much longer to find out. -Solo hits Cannes this Thursday, and is out everywhere on May 25.

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