'Solo' Spoilers: Soundtrack Might Reveal Millennium Falcon Twist

When did Han Solo win the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian? Or, more relevantly, when will we see Han win the Falcon in Solo: A Star Wars Story? The tracklisting for the movie’s official soundtrack was revealed by composer John Powell on Wednesday, and it might give a big clue as to when that high stakes game between Han and Lando really takes place. Possible spoilers ahead.

Though John Williams wrote one of the themes for Solo (Listed here as “The Adventures of Han”) the composer for Solo is John Powell. If the trailers are any indication, Powell’s score for this Star Wars movie will be a departure from previous installments in the franchise. Basically, there’s something jaunty and rock n’ roll to the music, which has been decidedly absent from Star Wars scores in the past.

And there’s another interesting break with recent tradition, too. In regards to The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, the tracklistings for those soundtracks were kept secret up until the films’ respective releases. That’s because back in 1999, the soundtrack for The Phantom Menace had a track called “The Death of Qui-Gon Jinn,” which spoiled that ending way before the movie came out. But now, with Solo, we’re back to the old ways: getting a tracklisting, and trying to do some tea-leaf reading as to what it means.

The big news seems to be the title of the last track “Dice and Roll.” This can only be a reference to the dice that hang in the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit, which, according to The Last Jedi novelization, are the exact dice Han used to win the ship from Lando.

Now, you might be confused, because you assumed Han won the Falcon from Lando in a card game called sabaac , and you wouldn’t be wrong. Some promo for Solo even suggests Han and Lando do play cards. But here’s the rub: there’s a variant of this card game called “Corellian Spike” that also involves dice. And if Solo sticks with new canon — meaning Han wins the Falcon with dice — then this final tracklisting title strongly suggests Han will gamble to win the Millennium Falcon away from Lando at the end of the movie.

Sure, it’s possible these tracks aren’t listed in the order in which events occur in the movie. But, if you’re setting up Solo to be the first in a possible series of movies about Han, Chewie and Lando, then it might make sense to save the big Falcon hand-off for the end of the movie.

At this point, we don’t have much longer to find out. -Solo hits Cannes on Thursday, and is out everywhere on May 25.

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