'Deadpool 2' Is Out Here Trying to Start an International Incident

Ryan Reynolds is more than just the actor behind Deadpool, a.k.a. The Merc With a Mouth. He’s also Canadian, and as a result, the star of the upcoming Deadpool 2 isn’t afraid to pick fights in defense of his homeland.

The movie, which hits theaters later this month, uploaded a new teaser to its increasingly bizarre YouTube page. In the video, Reynolds, as Deadpool, addresses the viewer to talk about Canada. The footage seems like it won’t be in the final movie at all, which is very much in line with most of the promotion for Deadpool 2. This time, the Merc is mouthing off about Canada’s exclusion from the Eurovision contest, a kind of olympics for songwriting and performing that pretty much the entire world except for the United States goes gaga for every year. The participants in the Eurovision competition are, as you might guess, mostly European countries, but Deadpool says that bullshit. Australia gets to play, and “they’re barely on the planet.”

Plus, as he explains, Canada is responsible for the likes of Justin Bieber, William Shatner, Michael Bublé, recent Deadpool 2 collaborator Celine Dion, and many more. It’s absurd that they’re not allowed to play.

“You’ve awakened a sleeping moose,” he says. “All the power of our ‘military’ — legally I have to use air quotes — but traffic cones an affordable healthcare will be coming at you hard.”

What, exactly, all of this has to do with Deadpool 2 is unclear. The spot ends with Deadpool promising and/or threatening that he’ll be coming to a few European cities, but the movie doesn’t hit theaters until May 18.