'Wolverine: The Long Night' Season 2 Could Follow a Classic Logan Story

The big finale of the X-Men podcast mystery series Wolverine: The Long Night laid the groundwork for where it might go in Season 2. After the main plot wraps up, we get an epilogue that feels exactly like a movie’s post-credits scene. And this one teases a story for Logan almost as iconic as him living in the wilderness of North America, because Wolverine is going to Japan.

Spoilers follow for the Wolverine: The Long Night Season 1 finale, Episode 10: “No Escape”

The Season 1 finale for Wolverine: The Long Night was released Monday from Stitcher and Marvel, and in it, Logan trades his own freedom for that of the werewolf-like mutant Hudson Langrock. Hudson, who had been captured by Logan after their fight, agrees to go with Agents Pierce and Marshall to join Weapon X. (The agents, by the way, were human-like Sentinels hunting Logan for Weapon X all along.)

Agent Marshall tells Agent Pierce that Logan’s plan was to rendezvous with Mallory in Seattle and then part ways from there. But that was all a lie.

In the epilogue, we meet up with Logan and Mallory on a boat heading for a Russian port in the Chukchi Sea. Logan says they’re heading to Japan.

“There’s more and more memories coming back to me,” Logan tells Mallory. “I seem to recall having some friends there.” She scoffs, saying there are “probably some enemies” too. Logan agrees, and that’s all we hear about Japan. “If I’m gonna keep breathing, then I gotta learn to live with this guilt,” Logan adds. “If I’m gonna earn my oxygen, then I gotta make memories I can live with. I gotta put these claws to good use.”

For any Wolverine fan, Logan heading to Japan should put you on high alert, especially because you probably remember The Wolverine from 2013.

Hugh Jackman as Logan in 'The Wolverine' went to Japan to meet up with an old friend, and he fought samurai, ninjas, and mutant assassins.

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If The Long Night gets a second season, then it looks like Logan is heading to Japan for a story that might just resemble The Wolverine. In the timeline of the X-Men movies, Logan was in Japan when the atomic bomb hit Nagasaki, and he saved the life of a young soldier named Ichirō Yashida. Decades later, Yashida is super-rich, dying, and generously volunteers to take Wolverine’s immortality for himself. When Logan refuses, he Logan teams up with Yukio, a sword-wielding mutant that can foretell people’s deaths, and inexplicably winds up protecting Yashida’s granddaughter while fending of a mutant called Viper that can compromise his healing factor with a toxin. The whole thing unfolds at a blistering pace, is perfectly serviceable with awesome action sequences, but most importantly, The Wolverine laid the necessary groundwork for its much better sequel, Logan.

It’s unclear whether or not we’ll get a direct follow-up to The Long Night featuring Logan again, but when Inverse asked with the series’s writer Benjamin Percy about more podcasts set in this universe, he said, “I can’t speak too much about this or the Weapon X assassins will come after me.” So that means we’ll get another season, right?

Wolverine: The Long Night is only available via Stitcher Premium.

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