'The Wolverine' Foreshadowed the Final Moments of 'Logan'

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No movie in the modern superhero genre had an ending as heartbreaking and bittersweet as Logan. The last Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman was directed by James Mangold, who also helmed the previous 2013 film, titled The Wolverine, in which Logan explores his mutant identity in Japan. But on Twitter, Mangold revealed that the devastating ending of Logan was ominously foreshadowed by Yukio (Rila Fukushima) in the finale of The Wolverine.

On Twitter, curious fans apparently went back to watch The Wolverine and picked up a parting dialogue from Yukio, a mutant who can foresee people’s deaths. She tells Wolverine: “It’s not like I get a complete picture, more like looking through a keyhole. But I’m always right. All I can see is one part of a person’s life: their death. And I saw yours. I see you on your back; there’s blood everywhere. You’re holding your own heart in your hand. It’s not beating.”

How bleak! Four years later, her prediction came true. Spoilers imminent: At the end of Logan, Wolverine’s brawl with X-24 ends with him impaled on a log. Laura (Dafne Keen), who was created by Alkali Transigen out of Wolverine’s DNA, holds his hand while he takes his last breath. “So this is what it feels like,” he says, while Laura (and the audience) cry a waterfall.

When fans pointed this out to James Mangold, he responded twice: “I love that you caught this,” he told one fan. When another fan, named Maurice, tweeted him a bit later, he celebrated: “And the prize goes to Maurice!”

Though critics liked The Wolverine69 percent on Rotten Tomatoes — and was a legit summer hit, the film has become sort of an afterthought as it was caught up in the wave of other tentpole movies that came out in 2013: Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Man of Steel, The Lone Ranger, Kick-Ass 2, Star Trek Into Darkness, Pacific Rim, Now You See Me, and World War Z made 2013 a packed year that sort of drowned out The Wolverine. But now, in the aftermath of Logan, the ninja-fueled The Wolverine is also getting its due.

Logan is out now in theaters.

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