3 Theories on Grace, the New Mystery Player in 'Westworld'

Katja Herbers's new character is a "seasoned guest," but is she also something more?


In the third episode of Season 2 of Westworld, the HBO sci-fi fantasy shifted focus away from the lawless world of gunslingers and ranchers and into someplace — and some time — totally different: Raj World, a new park themed after Britain’s late 19th/early 20th century colonization of India. The new setting also sets the stage for Grace, a new character played by Katja Herbers (Manhattan) whose mysterious motives and sharp instincts have already generated speculation regarding her identity.

Back in July 2017, when Herbers was cast as Grace, it was reported that Grace was a “seasoned guest” of Delos’s parks “whose latest visit comes at the park’s darkest hour.” This is evidenced when Grace notices that the hosts for the day’s storyline are missing. She’s clearly been in these parks more than once, maybe even twice. She’s as knowledgeable and passionate for these parks as William, the Man in Black, and based on a quick shot of her notebook, she’s more invested in the inner workings of the park than your usual human guest.

Grace is also quick on her feet and can shoot down a murderous host and survive an attack from a robotic tiger within the span of five minutes. (That’s right, the tiger that washed up in the first episode of Season 2 floated all the way from Raj World, further confirming that Delos’s parks are all large islands.)

So just who is Grace in Westworld? We present the best three theories below.

Welcome to Raj World.


3. She’s a High-Ranking “Gamer”

Just as we thought of the Man in Black the first time we saw him, Grace could be another rich asshole who can afford more than one visit to Westworld, or Raj World, or wherever. Also like William, Grace appears more concerned than the usual guest with how the parks work and what secrets lie within. Her character may simply be another veteran “gamer” who will survive because of her experience.

She might even know more than William, who may not have even visited the other parks in his 30-plus-year odyssey. While William has a financial stake in Delos — he’s a majority shareholder — William has only ever shown interest in Westworld.

Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) in HBO's 'Westworld.'


2. She’s a Delos Board Member, or Ford’s Granddaughter

Does Grace know as much as she does because she actually has control as a Delos board member? Does she know because she’s Ford’s granddaughter? Either as is plausible as it is possible. We’ve learned enough about Westworld that not many Delos employees can afford to enjoy the parks themselves — not even with employee discounts — but all the board members we’ve gotten to know thus far indulge. Of course, we only know William and Charlotte (Tessa Thompson), so it’s not much to go on just yet.

Does this dude have a daughter?


1. She’s William’s Daughter

Her obsession for the parks is truly telling. She keeps a notebook loaded with sketches and writings like it’s her very own Prima Games guide to the parks. Is she naturally curious? Or did she inherit this obsession from someone close to her, like say, William himself? Could Grace actually be Williams’s daughter?

We still know so very little about Grace, but it would make Westworld a true HBO series if a new character turns out to be related to someone so important and closely tied to the series. These violent delights have violent ends, and they might run in the family.

Westworld airs Sundays at 9 p.m. Eastern on HBO.

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