iPhone X: Tim Cook Explains Why the Model Isn't Dead, Despite the Rumors

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When Apple revealed the $1000 price tag for the iPhone X, there was a wave of negativity. Some cited this to be the end for the company, and a leaked memo said the phone was essentially “dead.” During the company’s earnings call, the iPhone maker said the iPhone X continues to sell well regardless of the hefty price tag.

In Tuesday’s Apple earnings conference call, CEO Tim Cook spoke about the success of the iPhone X since it’s launch. For a second quarter, the smartphone was the company’s best selling phone. Not only was the smartphone selling well in the U.S., it was also the top selling phone in China.

“We were surprised that the iPhone X was the top-selling phone for every week since the time of the launch,” Cook said in the call. “The way we think about it is price a reasonable price for what we deliver, and I feel we did that.”

The earnings call for Apple was full of positive news for the Mac company. It beat estimates and took in $61 billion of revenue last quarter. Cook emphasized how well the iPhone X sold in China as it was the number one phone in the country last quarter, and Apple had multiple iPhones in the top 10 best selling phones. The positivity from the earnings call about the iPhone X sales contradicted a leaked memo stating the smartphone was “dead” due to its high cost.

The next market Apple will try to conquer is India. Although it’s a huge smartphone market, Cook said the iPhone market share is small there, and the company is working with carriers who are developing their LTE networks.

Multiple times in the call, Cook emphasized the company’s view regarding customers’ privacy, a matter that has become a big issue since the news of the mass amount of Facebook data acquired by Cambridge Analytica.

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