Netflix's New Horror Series 'The Rain' Makes Mother Nature Bloodthirsty

Rain = Death.

Dystopian stories are always finding news way to kill off the human population. The nuclear bombs of The 100 and all those zombies on The Walking Dead are recent examples of the hell people have to escape in these deadly realities. In Netflix’s upcoming series The Rain, it’s mother nature herself raining down death on the world. Literally.

On Monday, Netflix released a full trailer for the series The Rain. In it, the remaining humans are trying to survive in a world where rain carries a virus that kills. It centers on siblings and a group of teenagers who are trying to figure out how to live in this new, horrifying world. The Danish series is set to hit Netflix on May 4.

Alba August and Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen star as siblings Simone and Rasmus. After escaping the virus by living in a bunker, the pair walk out into society to discover what’s left of the world they left behind. They quickly find a band of young survivors and figure just how much the world as changed.

'The Rain'


Survival will be a difficult feat for Simone and Rasmus. In addition to the threat of a single raindrop ending their lives, the harsh realities of the world will be hard to deal with. In the trailer, Simone is seen lashing out at her new group of allies when they try to kill a young woman infected with the virus. Their new normal may cause them to regret stepping out of the safety of their bunker.

The Rain is among Netflix’s numerous new offerings for May. New seasons of the Arrowverse will make their way to the streaming service. As well new zombie film Cargo.

In the meantime, those planning to watch The Rain get to watch Mother Nature ask “can you stand the rain?” in the most brutal of ways.

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