‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Gets Porg-Shaped Vinyl for Record Store Day

It's too cute for words.


Music lovers across the world made their way to their local music store as part of this year’s Record Store Day. This year’s event has a special piece of vinyl available for Star Wars fans, and it’s in the shape of the movie franchises newest space creature.

A limited edition 10” porg-shaped vinyl record of music from Star Wars: The Last Jedi was made available for Record Store Day 2018 on Saturday. Released by Walt Disney Records, Side A has “The Rebellion is Reborn” while “Canto Blight” is on Side B. Award-winning composer John Williams created both pieces of music. Only 3,500 records shaped like the porg in The Last Jedi were made and available through participating retailers.

The first Record Store Day took place on April 19, 2008, in order to celebrate and spread the word about independent record stores across the globe. It appeared to have worked, as retailers such as Best Buy and Target are doing away with selling CDs while continuing to sell vinyl records.

Record Store Day organizers work with companies every year to offer special vinyl records like the porg-shaped version of The Last Jedi soundtrack available only for that day. Music artists will also schedule releases of their vinyl records to come out on Record Store Day.

With only 3,500 copies of the limited edition porg-shaped vinyl record of The Last Jedi soundtrack made available on Record Store Day, it’s going to sell out quickly. Expect to see these albums turn up again on eBay or some other reselling site.

The porg-shaped record is not the first piece of vinyl featuring music from the newest Star Wars trilogy. A special two-LP soundtrack of Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out May 2016. It didn’t come in the special shape, but it did have hand-etched 3D holograms of the Millennium Falcon and a TIE fighter carved into the vinyl.

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