How to Roll 'Rick and Morty' Joints, According to a Weed Artist

"Hey, Morty. I'm Cannabis Rick!"


Fans of Rick and Morty who are also fans of marijuana can now rejoice. A video from “smokeable artist” Tony Greenhand shows how to combine the two and create weed versions of characters from the show.

Greenhand showcased his marijuana crafting skills in a three-hour live stream on the NowThis Facebook page on 4/20. Using thin rolling papers, potato starch powder, food coloring, bamboo skewers, a few cutting tools, and of course, weed, he was able to create elaborate joints of Rick, Morty, Mr. Meeseeks, and Mr. Poopybutthole. He showed the final products on his Instagram account.

The process was simple enough for any artistic stoner to try. To create the bodies, Greenhand used weed, or specifically “good weed,” that is spongy and a little sticky rather than brittle weed. Roll the weed with rolling papers to create the general shape you’re looking for. The potato starch acts as an adhesive for the rolling papers. Then, for color, the food coloring mixed with water can be applied to the paper. Bamboo skewers will help support the arms and the legs. Finally, it’s a matter of giving the joints some facial details along with some extra paper for hair, and voila, it’s cannabis Rick.

Greenhand posts his weed creations on his Instagram account. He creates a variety of pop culture custom joints such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Pikachu, and a Spider-Man joint, which sold for $1,100 at a charity auction.

At the end of the video, Greenhand discussed how the future of legalized weed will allow for more experimentation with a variety of cannabis available. Senator Chuck Schumer spent his 4/20 trying to make that future a reality with a new bill to decriminalize the drug on a federal level.

As for Rick and Morty fans, spending time crafting their own Rick and Morty blunts might be a good way to spend their time, as Season 4 of the show is still in limbo. Fans can also check out the latest episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to see how the two characters would look in pony form.

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